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Of Boobs and Bubs*

Hello there, blogworld: I've been neglectful once again.  But you can take my word that my neglect has been peppered with many a sad moment wondering when I'd get the chance to tell you how much guilt I've racked up on account of not posting.

Today I bring you two products that I think you may like (including something I'm giving away for FREE), and assorted thoughts, as always.  As I get into the swing of things, I will do my best to start posting again in a more disciplined basis.


Item one:  Are you a mother who needs a breast pump and who has the good taste of reading this weblog?  Then please, by all means, CLICK HERE and go read my review of the Comfort Select Performance breast pump by Evenflo.  You may WIN a breast pump!  All you have to do is share an embarrassing pumping or nursing story with me (and however many other people read this)! Whee!  Let's make it an oversharing party!


Item two:  Do your kids do what they are told before you're done counting to three?  Do they suck in their snot when you ask them to blow?  Do they explode in silly gales of laughter anytime the word "poop" comes up in conversation?  Is there a cavern-worthy thread of drool hanging from your infant's mouth right now?  And do you need a term for describing that sinking feeling that you're turning into your parents, along with all the other situations listed here?

If so, The Kid Dictionary is a book you will enjoy reading.  And by "enjoy", I mean you'll be clutching your belly hard from laughing heartily.

And honestly, anyone who's ever babysat, had siblings, has nieces or nephews, or has been stuck in an elevator with a child, can probably find a funny, warm and insightful kernel of truth in the Sniglet-like portmanteau entries that comprise this funny, charming little book by Eric Ruhalter.

What are you waiting for?  Go check out my review AND The Kid Dictionary!  Because I said so, that's why!


*With hearty apologies to Mr. John Steinbeck.

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