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Tarot Readings

Want a tarot reading that leaves you comforted and connected?

My approach

The tarot is a long-standing system of divination. I believe that there are no bad cards and no bad readings: Your reading is about being connected to the universe and about looking deep into yourself, and I can help you do that.

I want you to empower yourself and educate yourself. Among my favorite tools for additional insight, I love reading the thoughtful descriptions at Biddy Tarot.

I recently wrote a thread about my tarot approach on Twitter, which you can read here.

My Experience

I’ve been reading the tarot for years simply for fun, but within the past couple of years I’ve approached it more seriously. You can find me the third Thursday of every month at Wisdom, 1432 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, and sometimes at the pug, 1234 H Street NE. Additionally, I offer readings online– perfect for your insight during quarantine needs. I accept Venmo, PayPal and Cashapp.

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