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A word from your hostess

Portrait by Madeline Marshall


Thank you for stopping by my blog.

I started this corner of the internet in March of 2005. At the time, people were already smitten with “Weblogs” and there already were plenty of people pouring their souls out online and becoming famous/infamous in the process.

My process has been a lot more roundabout. No, I have not achieved fame or book deals from this corner of the internet; however, I’ve come closer to understanding myself and the world around me. So, all in all, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

If you like what you read, please consider sharing it on your social media channels. That used to be a thing back in the day, and I still have some good friends from the old days of blogging. Don’t be a stranger.

3 thoughts on “A word from your hostess

  1. Ine-Marie van Dam on said:

    Hi Maria,

    Actually, speaking of your mommy…. in your photograph you look a bit like her. Yours is the first blog I have ever read. I am a little lost, i confess, but that’s my fault, not yours. You write like a goddess. And what fun to hear how much you like D.C.

    Remember our conversation on the way to Salinas? I’m actually going to be in your neck of the woods for a few days starting the 30th of this month. I’ll look for you!

    Un abrazo,


  2. Mary Beth on said:

    I am so freaking glad that you responded to Sig’s plea for Tweet love to her Mommy. That is me! I followed the link on your twitter account to find you here. What an awesome blog! I can see why you are a friend of Sig’s. Did I know you in California? Never did see your real name anywhere.

    You are wonderful and I’ve bookmarked your page. Write often.
    aka: Mary Beth

  3. Rosario on said:

    Hi there! i just woke up thinking of you. I can still see you as the newborn i held in my arms 35 years ago. it’s almost a shock to see that, in such a short time, so much has changed outside while, inside me, nothing has actually changed. It’s as if I were standing by a railroad track seeing a shuttle go by. But I have only to look in a mirror to see that I’m ridding in that shuttle too.

    This kind of surrealistic comment is just meant to be a loving birthday greeting. Please, call via Skype or write when your two little “masters” give you some free time. I love you and miss you. Rosario

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