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But Will He Be Graded On a Curve, or Just a Trough?

This is just a short note because I recently ran across this poll from MSNBC asking the public to give President Obama a grade –naturally, on the occasion that he will have been one hundred days in office on Thursday, 30 April.

Click here to go answer the poll and look at the results and then tell me, if you would,

1. Were you surprised by the results?

2. If so, do you agree with the extremes or find yourself somewhere in the middle? 

3. If not I'd love to hear your rationale.

(In the spirit of full disclosure, I will tell you I've awarded him a grade of C– neither absolutely wonderful nor thoroughly disastrous)

I must say that in the wake of an election where so many people got involved in politics and were so motivated to get to the polls, I find it a little surprising myself that discourse about pressing issues has dwindled to a small tap-tap-tapping like a faucet trickle. 

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4 thoughts on “But Will He Be Graded On a Curve, or Just a Trough?

  1. I gave him an A. It is true that my students consider me an easy grader, but in truth, I am proud to have him be the face of America to the world. I find it really refreshing to have a president who actually thinks before he speaks and I am so thrilled to have a man in the White House who doesn’t seem to have to prove his macho by being overly aggressive.

  2. I gave him a B. I like him, but he is not doing the best job he could be doing. His is not doing an awful job. He has had to clean up one of the largest messes this country has ever been in, but he is also not doing enough. But I was never fanatical about him before or after. It was neat to be about 10 ft away when he read “Where the Wild Things Are,” though.

  3. I was surprised by the concentration of results at either extreme, although I guess that’s the nature of these things. I gave Obama a B–I’m not thrilled with everything he’s done (or not done) so far, but then I didn’t think I would be, so there you go. It’s unfortunate the country apparently remains very polarized. I did hope that would change at least a little. There is a lot of blame to go around as far as that goes.

  4. Vixen on said:

    Considering that he has to convince a lot of people to do things against their greedy and stagnated attitudes, I think he’s doing an amazing job. He is trying to get people to go for cleaner energy which means convincing the oil companies to develop alternate sources. He is trying to get the rich to pay more in taxes so they aren’t being carried by the middle and lower income families. He wants to get a better health care in place and modernize the education system, two very daunting tasks. If it was just him passing the laws and changing things they would already be in place. However, he doesn’t work in a vacuum and has to convince all the political and financial groups to work with him. Something I think people forget when they look at what he’s done and not done since taking over. I say he deserves an A for effort and for what he has managed to achieve so far.

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