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Happy Day-The-Mexicans-Kicked-French-Ass Day

AvoDiptych, originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

…so you can see why "Cinco de Mayo" is a catchier cognomen.

Anyhoo, I do like Cinco de Mayo, and it's primarily because it's kind of a Western holiday, as funny as that sounds. Mexico itself doesn't celebrate the Battle of Puebla as heartily and happily as it celebrates its own independence; however, the western part of the United States –united also in the love of Mexican food– seems to really take to the holiday.

Because, let us face it: there is nothing quite like a good Mexican feast and several good Mexican beers as an excuse to celebrate and perhaps break up the monotony of everyday with vibrant red, white and green. Much like St. Patrick's day gives everyone license to be Irish for a day, so it seems that Cinco de Mayo gives everyone a little Mexicanness– or at least helps them drink and eat that way.

How can you not like holidays where there is no obligation other than eating and drinking, anyway?

As for me, nothing says "fiesta' quite like guacamole.

How did you (or didn't you) celebrate May fifth?

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7 thoughts on “Happy Day-The-Mexicans-Kicked-French-Ass Day

  1. I don’t even know where my time went today. Clearly I should have had some guacamole!

  2. Of course, the Mexicans won the battle and lost the war — see

  3. We lived in Texas for five years and I LOVE THIS CULTURE. TxMx. Good for the soul. Cold beer and hot salsa fix EVERYTHING.

  4. And Margaritas! Don’t forget the MARGARITAS!

  5. It was such a fun day. I got together a bunch of the girl’s and we hit a Mex spot for lots of frozen margaritas (I opted for frozen traditional and sangria swirl – mmmm) and some quesadillas. Lots of fun. Always nice to have an excuse to get the gang together for a celebration of any kind and I’m with you – how I do love love me some guac!

  6. i totally forgot about cinco de mayo. can i, like, take a rain check, and celebrate today with burritos and cervezas 😉

  7. I always assumed the drinking was done on Cinco de Mayo because it’s practically impossible to say Dieciseis de Septiembre when bombed. (Did I spell that right at all?)

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