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It Is In the A-List of My Heart

I've written on here before about how sometimes I wish I didn't have an inner editor who makes me write niceties.  For that matter, I wish sometimes my life were devoid of an editor, and that I had the balls to, say, have told off in no uncertain terms the lady who rudely did this weird standoff at Best Buy while asking me "exactly what I wanted to dance with here" just because SHE bumped into me and I froze, trying to get out of her way.

I mean, really: I realize that she wanted to get through the alley, just so she could pick up some batteries, cut in line in front of another older lady, and yell at the cashier for his inability to guarantee her that the batteries she was buying would REALLY work, but the fact is that a seven-month pregnancy belly makes you a little uncoordinated, especially when some old flaccid bag of bones is trying to get up in my face, bullying me, intimidating me with her nasty demeanor.

So, to that lady I wish I'd said something witty and sharp, along the lines of "Go eff yourself, you old bitter coont."

You get the picture.  And no, I am not sorry for thinking of (some of) my elders that way.


Which is why I love Dlisted.

I have already given thanks for the grace that is Dlisted in my daily life, but I think that a one-sentence blurb is not enough.  Honestly, it really isn't: because Dlisted and its author, Michael K. bring that much joy and mirth into my life on a regular basis.

Also, and this is something I must say as someone who fancies herself a writer, not only is he funny but he's also a great writer, typos and coarse language.  He is like the Faulkner of the tabloid rag; like a fabulously gay twenty-first century Jane Austen; like a bright beacon of painful truth and OMG-I-was-thinking-the-same-thing that lights the way and cuts through our automaton world.

I've been reading Dlisted now for almost three years, and it's been a privilege to watch this blogger evolve as a writer and as a person (even people with black hearts have a tender side, by the way).  Of course, it helps that for the main part I agree with most of his statements, especially his wonder and contempt at celebrities who name their kids normal vs. not normal things; but it's just nice to read something that is funny and sarcastic and caustic but deeep within very sweet.  And not just read it once a day, but see that this guy works actively at his site every single day of the year, several times a day.

Now THAT is dedication.

So, without further ado, and before I realize what I'm doing, I leave you with much catching up to do if you've never read Dlisted.  Enjoy, sluts!

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One thought on “It Is In the A-List of My Heart

  1. I will admit that I used to have DListed on the list of my secret obsessions.

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