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Grace in Small Things: 14/365

1. Seeing Herr Meow totally smitten and happy with a special friend.

2. Rain that makes 39 degrees feel just a little warmer.

3. Rain boots, to step in puddles.

4. Arepas for breakfast.  Arepas anytime, really.

5. The ability to check your landline's voicemail from any telephone.  Who says you have to be home to pretend in a convincing manner anyway?

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2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things: 14/365

  1. Odd how we experience things. It would never have occurred to me that rain makes 39-degree weather feel warmer. I always feel colder in the damp.

  2. I agree with you, but for some reason yesterday didn’t feel as cold. Which is why it was kind of special.

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