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Strange Fascination

This morning we stepped out and our little tree –formerly looking so lovely with all its lovely golden leaves– was completely denuded.

It didn't have one single leaf left.  The space looked different: empty, but somehow not sad.  Just… different.

The other day, I walked down the same street I walk so often.  But I walked on the other side of the street, which somehow made everything look different and crisper somehow.  Things I'd not ever noticed suddenly took on a different focus.

Earlier this afternoon, I looked up in a place I must pass at least three times a week.  But somehow I must have been standing in  a slightly different position because suddenly these blue letters I'd never seen came into focus.  I never knew they were there, but they suddenly were. 

Suddenly.  Things change drastically with a little bit of perspective.

May you have a change of perspective soon– if only to keep things interesting.

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One thought on “Strange Fascination

  1. Ah, perspective is a wonderful thing! I had this experience recently, but in my own room. I tidied my room and so gained a chair that’s always been covered in clothes and things. I decided to sit in it to do some of my uni reading, and to my surprise, the whole room looked completely different! Nothing had changed, it was just… new! I’ve lived in here for 2 years, and I’d never seen it like that before.
    I think we should make an effort to take a slightly different route everytime we go somewhere and see what we discover.

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