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In Which I Skate by With Four Dismembered Thoughts

To do list:

  1. Try Tim Hortons doughnuts.  I have a bone to pick, Canada: why must you have created doughnuts that are hailed as superior so that I am placed in the irritating position of figuring out how to get said doughnuts into my gullet, knowing full well that when I do I will be hooked and I won't just be able to walk down a couple of blocks to get them and MADNESS WILL ENSUE?!  Tsk, tsk, Great White North.  TSK.
  2. Explore more NARS makeup.  How is it possible that I've gone SO MANY YEARS in this good earth without knowing that there was a product called The Multiple and in a color called "Orgasm"?!?!  HOW?!
  3. Admit that I like kids' television.  I actually do.  Enjoy it, that is.  Nay, I love it.  I watch side by side with my kid and laugh at all the really lame jokes and sing along.  This is something I used to do way before I had kids– for instance, I LOVED playing "Blue's Clues" when it first came out.  And right now I can't get enough of Max and Ruby (Canada?  I'm coming to get you.  Again.) and Pinky Dinky Doo and I am a deep, full admirer of Chica on Sprout (okay, I love love LOVE Chica in a totally irrational way).  Go ahead.  You know you want to roll those eyes.
  4. Tell you I'm very tired and this is all I'm offering up for today.  There will be more tomorrow, honey bunsies.  In the meantime, won't you look at and comment on my other posts please?  That would make me very happy.  And thank you to those who leave me comments– I appreciate and enjoy what each and every one of you has to say!

Have a good Monday and don't forget to check the temperature.  It's been some weird up and down stuff going  on these days!  Toodles!

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5 thoughts on “In Which I Skate by With Four Dismembered Thoughts

  1. I watch the Backyardigans with my niece and know more songs than I’d like to admit. I also watch Spongebob. Only at home though because the brat hates him.

  2. I actually haven’t seen any of the contemporary kids’ shows, so I judge not.
    We recently got an episode of Electic Company off of iTunes. I hadn’t seen it since I was maybe 5 or 6. Not only did I enjoy it and enjoy sharing it with my daughter, but I was totally surprised to see that one of the regulars was Morgan Freeman.

  3. I LOVE kids shows! Especially the old ones… like Scooby Doo… lol
    My cats are named Charlie and Lola after “Charlie and Lola”! lol…
    (I was even watching videos of the old Sesame Street episodes recently…)

  4. Oh good. I thought I was strange because when my toddler left the room I found that I just kept watching the shows. Apparently I just needed to know what the third clue was going to be so I could figure it out. It is good to know there are others out there.

  5. Canada only seduces the best people to come north. 🙂

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