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Honor, Duty, Courage, Blogging

Veterans Day, originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

I'd like you to visit a post I wrote a year ago, after having seen a beautiful documentary by the Smithsonian Channel about the Vietnam Wall. Please go read and please remember and honor those who have served today, and every day.

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3 thoughts on “Honor, Duty, Courage, Blogging

  1. thanks for sharing (:

  2. Hi there, I work at Smithsonian Channel and just wanted to say that I’m glad you enjoyed our program – I happen to think it’s one of our best. I also wanted to let you know that in honor of Veteran’s Day we are streaming the entire “Remembering Vietnam: The Wall at 25” program on our site so if people want to see it for themselves, the can click here http://www.smithsonianchannel.com/site/smithsonian/show_war_stories.do

  3. Thanks for that link… I’ll be sure to go watch it, after reading about it on your post…

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