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The Yellow, Fuzzy Butt of Happiness

Honey bee!!!!!, originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

Some days are special and you just know it.

Some days the sun shines with a special slant and the air is clean and you have a nice time walking around and chatting with a friend.

And some days you take a picture and realize that not all honeybees are gone from this planet: as a matter of fact, one is zealously telling a sage flower who's boss.

A little honeybee with its yellow and black, little bee butt high up in the air, enjoying her nectar and spreading pollen and enjoying life on a sunny October morning.

Live long and may your colony prosper, little bee. We need you.


Save the honey (and other kinds of) bees!

Read one of my old blog entries for some information, and educate yourself with eHow as well.

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One thought on “The Yellow, Fuzzy Butt of Happiness

  1. I LOVE that photo!

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