A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

“Z” is for Zephyr

Sometimes we need to be told we belong; or that we’re good enough; or that we’re loved, liked, accepted.

Sometimes all we need is a nice change of pace.

Sometimes we crave a little wind beneath our sails– a change in the wind.

An excuse to let our hair down or do something unladylike or unadultlike.

I’d like to believe that when the western wind blows, it doesn’t just bring cold fronts or crappy weather.   I would love to firmly believe that a Zephyr –a gentle Western wind– can blow into our lives and dry up the mire and blow away the dust.

Sometimes all we need is a gentle and loving wind to whisk us away.

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One thought on ““Z” is for Zephyr

  1. My hubby and I both could use one of those winds.

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