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“Å” is for Ångstrom (and Cuteness)

Bet you’re wondering if I’m stumped for my letters theme for April 27 through 30th.

I mean, the alphabet ended yesterday– at least the English alphabet did, what with its shiny 26 letters that can be pronounced a million different ways– so what is there left to do, right?


For starters, there are the two (or maybe three) letters in the Spanish alphabet’s tally: Ll, Ñ and possibly Ch, but not really.  Those are coming– fret not.

Then there are all the letters with hats (my preferred way of thinking of the circumflex accent); with grave and acute accents; with darling little umlauts that look like two tiny cherries; with a suave and spiffy little cedilla tail.  And if we get into, say, the Cyrillic alphabet or any other language that doesn’t use most or any of the Latinate characters you’re reading here, the possibilities are endless.

But my favorite has always been the A with a loop on top: Å

Isn’t it cute?  Well, I like it anyway.  It’s actually another way of writing out the letter "Aa" in Danish and Norwegian.  You can go over and read it all on Wikipedia, and tell ’em I sent ya.  Or not.

I also like thinking that other people take this letter for granted– they see it and it has meaning for them other than an Ångstrom –which, incidentally is a unit of measurement used to qualify atoms or possibly very short people– and that maybe some six-year old in Norway holds it as her favorite letter and writes it in bubble writing and spangles it with glitter, pasting it all over her room.

So, here we are: one more letter down.

And you thought I was only a 26-trick pony.

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5 thoughts on ““Å” is for Ångstrom (and Cuteness)

  1. Never an end to the surprises here… lol

  2. I was wondering what you’d be doing in these post-z days. I’m glad you’re harvesting those other letters!

  3. Clever! And I’m a very short person – wonder what my height translates to in that unit of measurement? 🙂

  4. your post reminded me of this:

    see the resemblance?
    since I am an angel fan, that made me very happy.

  5. I’d been wondering what was to be done for weeks now … but for one of your literary prowess, a problem measured in Ångstroms. :o)

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