A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!


One of the hallmarks of motherhood is the fact that it gets tricky.  And not even when you would expect it –crying babies and sick babies and projectile vomiting notwithstanding– but when you don’t.

And here is one of those moments.

Today, Herr Meow has gone ONE ENTIRE DAY wearing nothing but his really cute lizard chones under his clothes.

Ahem.  Let me be a little more obnoxious here:


This is where I would do the obligatory-for-a-football-player-but-definitely-verboten-in-the-mother-world endzone victory dance.

Since I am not about to do it, I will let a football player do some interpretive dancing for me:

Yup.  I realize that all this celebrating might mean that tomorrow the rivers will run yellow for me, all over my new sandals.

But didn’t it feel just a little good, y’all?

Thank you for celebrating with me!


Oh, and hey!  Go to Zen Sarcasm Reviews and check out a very cool contest that can win you a trip to the London première of Mamma Mia, k?

Have a happy weekend!

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4 thoughts on ““Y” is for YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  1. Heh. I used to watch football for the funky end-zone dances. Now I don’t watch it at all.
    Oh, but hooray for dry floors and bottoms! 🙂

  2. Ah, a happy dance is indeed warranted! I hope the rivers continue to run dry.

  3. awww…congrats to you and Herr Meow!

  4. Jenny on said:

    Man, I totally have some friends who could’ve done that contest with me, but I didn’t read about it till today! Oh, well. 🙂
    Great to see you the other day! Let’s do it again soon!

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