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“X” is for Xeriscaping

You know what annoys me?

The fact that in every child’s ABCs book, no one can figure out something truly clever or educational for the letter X.  True, xylophones are quite lovely and sound nice; and X-rays are also pretty cool, but when was the last time you spent any significant amount of time explaining to your toddler the utter badassness of Wilhelm Roentgen; and how when you first saw his first "serious" X-ray of his wife’s hand with the ring you thought it was right up there in the romance scale at a solid 9; or just how cool and amazing and useful his discovery was? 

Yeah, me neither, really.  Once you start talking particle physics with the little tots they start arguing so much about the practical applications of particles versus waves that it just gets frustrating.

They grow up so fast.


And so since the current push is green this and green that and moreover green everything, I think it’s time to start using a new word for kids’ alphabet mnemonics.

That word is XERISCAPING, kids– landscaping with drought-resistant plants.  (I’ll even settle for just xeriscape.)

Because not only is it important, but it could save you money and it’s really beautiful.  And really, why declare that you have a black thumb –even though, and do confess, you are just a lazybones who’s not that into plants and don’t care to water and pinch and prune because we were not all born with an interest in gardening in the first place–when you could just plant lots of lavender and catci and (some) grasses  and call it a day anyway?

Seriously– every area where we live has a microclimate all its own, and some of those areas get nothing but dry heat all day– or just dry cold in winter.  Read up and see if you can make xeriscaping work for you, wherever you are.

And then chant the alphabet and remember that the letter X is more than just lovely wooden instruments and discoveries by awesome Prussian physicists.

It also stands for the future of gardening in the DC Metro area if it doesn’t rain soon again.

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3 thoughts on ““X” is for Xeriscaping

  1. That sounds like an excellent addition for an alphabet book.
    I was surprised that even Dr. Seuss’s ABC book has X-ray and xylophone for x, and that was a man who was not afraid to make up words to suit his needs. Q had “quackeroo,” after all. And we wind up with a Zizzer-zazzer-zuzz…But still just an uninspired X-ray and xylophone.

  2. Great word. I didn’t even know that word, and I work for a “green” organization, and live in a “green” town! 🙂

  3. Cool!
    My brother lives an alternative lifestyle in NM and advocates Xeriscaping, which is the only way people should landscape. We live in New England which is mulch heaven — all this crazy chemically enhanced grass and MULCH MULCH MULCH everywhere you turn.

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