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“F” is for Ugh

Sometimes you just want to you just want to tell people to eff off or go eff themselves.  But really, this is not possible.

And sometimes it’s easy to be rude and kind of tell people an underhanded "eff off", but you know that the rudeness will go unnoticed and will only be enjoyed by you and you alone.  This kinda kills the whole "being rude" experience.

So yes, that’s just a thought.  The actual experience that inspired this post will be relayed later, in bits and pieces, to protect the guilty and the chicken.

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5 thoughts on ““F” is for Ugh

  1. I have those kind of days. I’m having one of those kind of days right now.
    Why can’t I win the lottery so I can tell those I want to fug off to fug off?

  2. Without really knowing why, I sort of feel sorry for the chicken.

  3. Does make me curious to hear the story… 😉

  4. Haha love the final line – protect the guilty and the chicken. Perfect!

  5. It’s always possible to tell people to eff off in a foreign language. At least I do 😉
    Want the story now!

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