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“E” is for Everything Else

Everything else is quite a lot of stuff, isn’t it?

But really, I’m sitting here wondering about many things at the same time and just happily contemplating.

I’ve made cake and granola (thanks for the great recipe, A!) and I’m going to go putter outside in a little bit with them plantsies.  Feel free to barf as you read that.

I’ve already forgotten to stop by the post office, so I reckon that shall happen Monday.  Enjoy the bit of schadenfreude.

And later I shall finish that poor neglected sashiko that is only a few stitches away from framing.  Because, really, I’m glad that there are still mostly two years left to finish my 101 in 1001. 

And later still I shall make more origami cranes–  because I can.  And because it’s fun and doing small manual repetitive tasks boost your serotonin production, so I suspect it’s just an addiction.

And later yet still I shall attempt to have a peaceful, dreamless night courtesy of my serotonin boost. 

Science, sweet science.

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2 thoughts on ““E” is for Everything Else

  1. Your blog is a delight! Your unique personality, refreshing humor and enlightened spirit shine through in all your posts.You give me hope that the power over our female bodies in regards to birth experiences and breast feeding our babies, that my generation fought so hard for in the 60’s and 70’s, has not disappeared, as it seems to have in some areas. Blog on, spread the word that giving birth is not an illness, breast feeding your baby is nature’s perfect food ( duh! ) and raising a child is a great adventure, not for the faint-hearted, and made easier with a sense of humor! This from a goddess who has finished her training.

  2. Hmp. Science, indeed – you know you will dream, you just won’t remember it.
    I haven’t made origami cranes in forever, though.

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