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“D” is for Doubt and Dream

Doubt:  I need to pare down.  I need a less cluttered life; I need less.

I need less fabric that will never become anything.

I need less projects that are years old.

I need less.

But how do I decide what gets the axe?  And how do I get rid of my own whiny misgivings in the process?



Dear Dr. King,  I’m sorry you had to die like that.

If anyone ever deserved a sweet death at a ripe old age, asleep in your bed and loved by everyone who knew your struggle, it was you.

You didn’t deserve to die shortly past dawn.

You didn’t deserve to be a martyr, and break so many hearts and send so many cities –including my adopted city– into the throes of anger and violence and despair.

Disappointment, I’m sure, is an emotion that would cling in the air, were you to see how your dream has developed these forty years thence.

Do not doubt that no matter what a person’s color, we do not forget you and what you did.

And we all hate that the spring of 1968 had to be a spring of dolorous despair.

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2 thoughts on ““D” is for Doubt and Dream

  1. D is also for De-lurking, which is what I have decided to do this month.

  2. anOCgirl on said:

    awww…that’s a nice post about MLK. and yes, he would be disappointed in us as we still have a long way to go to his dream.

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