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“G” is for Go-Go, Gorgeous, Gluttony, Gregariousness, Gracie

Hey, why not?

Go-go: I’m embarrassed to admit,  I didn’t know what Go-Go was until I moved here.  And even then, still don’t know much about it, until everyone seemed to think that the music for the new Nationals park was sorely lacking in…. yes.

Go-go.  Sweet as catchy name, cool beat.  Go Wiki-enlighten yourself at least, and then play yourself some go-go.  You will actually feel like bustin’ loose, y’all.


Um yeah.  A few months ago I whined about not being able to see "Ladrón Que Roba a Ladrón".

Enter Netflix.  All is well, and how.

If you speak Spanish, you want to watch it because, well, you just want to.  Coz it’s a good movie and there are hot people in it– really, do not need more than that.

If you speak English (and don’t mind reading subtitles), you want to watch it because you want to see a fun heist movie; you want to see Latino people who aren’t your average stereotype; and you want to see hot people in it– really, do not need more than that.

But yes.  GOOOOORGEOUSNESS has graced my corneas today.  And I don’t just mean the cat (whose name is Grace and who looks pretty cute herself); but do click here and tell me that I’m wrong in the gorgeousness category.  Go on.  Disagree with me and I’ll probably just shrug and cower (and secretly tell you to go eff yourself, which would mean we’d go back a day).


I ate too much Salvadorean-style oven-baked pork. Mmmm.


And I’m just kicking back, enjoying Rev. Meow’s visit.  Whee!


And for the gorgeousness record and the G-rated finale, here is a random picture of Gracie:

Salad Course

Gracias and good night, good-looking bloGGers!

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11 thoughts on ““G” is for Go-Go, Gorgeous, Gluttony, Gregariousness, Gracie

  1. Oooh! Great picture!
    I just came over through NaBloPoMo’s blogroll. One week down! Good luck with the rest of April! 🙂

  2. Fabulous lighting on the shot of Gracie. Love it!!

  3. anOCgirl on said:

    great use of light in that photo. you take such great pics of gracie!

  4. Anita on said:

    Love the shot of Gracie…
    But the other one? the ‘gorgeous’ one?
    Holy frijoles… Gorgeous doesn’t seem to cover it, does it??

  5. Mucho eyecandy in that movie my dear.
    Love your blogging style.
    Waving at you from New York,

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