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Clean Me Out At The Park

I’m a little irritated right now.  We’re looking at seats for the new stadium, and they are a little expensive, which means that we probably won’t join a season tickets pool like we did last year (and it was SO fun… *sniff*  I’ll miss RFK).

Sure, I’m told the new Nationals Park is more intimate.  New.  State-of-the-art.  Did we fully mention the newness of the new stadium, new?  Because it’s new, you know.  New.

It’s a true baseball stadium, not a multi-purpose room stadium sharing space and turf with umpty-nine different sports.

A true stadium.  Where, reportedly, every seat is supposed to have a killer view that is totally worth your while.

Hey, Internets!  Wanna see what the stadium is going to look like, complete with seat locator?  Click here:

Washington Nationals Seating Chart


First off– isn’t that cool? You know, the interactive thingamajig where you can actually see the view from the seats you choose?  Yeah.  That is pretty cool.

Unfortunately it doesn’t include the 7’2", 380-lb Fedora-wearing guy who is likely to sit in front of you at the game, but it’s still a pretty good (CAD) artist’s rendering if you will.

But damn.  The prices.  How about them prices huh?

Presidential seats are $300 at the new stadium.

Three hundred bones, yes, or clams, or whatever you call them. (<–click here for something unrelatedly fun)

For a last-place team– the kind that gives you more heartburn than the ballpark food.

Season nosebleeds can run you a cool $15-$16 bucks for the season.  Prices for the grandstands are not disclosed, but from what has been discussed, there will not be $2 seats anywhere in the vicinity.

Do you honestly want to fork over that kind of cash for lame-ish seats? Even if technically all seats are good seats, that is actually not true.

Because otherwise they’d all be the same price, and honestly that price should not be $300.


We do love baseball, but one has to draw a line somewhere when it comes to paying to see your team lose.  Plus, if you start tallying up hot dogs and beer and fries and lemonade for the child and bottled water to wash down the other stuff et cetera, you’re pretty much just handing over your wallet at the entrance.

Although we have this neighbor who has season tickets to the Redskins –and when they are playing away, he goes to watch them.  How he can pay to torture himself that way, I’m not sure I understand.

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3 thoughts on “Clean Me Out At The Park

  1. oh my lord. the prices are ridiculous. it’s the nats for crying outloud. i’m sure the lerners are trying to get some money back for their investment and all, but can we maybe get some awesome players this offseason so that it might be worth giving up your firstborn just to see a game?
    yes, i get the whole newness thing, but if you’re team can’t win and the seats cost a fortune, who’s going to show up?
    well, i suppose i’ll only get tickets for the nats series with the angels this year.

  2. anOCgirl on said:

    oh and if the food still sucks at the new stadium, i’m writing some letters!

  3. I wish WE were getting a new ballpark. I can’t see a thing at Dodger Stadium.
    My son had told me the Nats were getting a new park next season, and that tickets would be more expensive. When I suggested that might mean he sees fewer games next year, he thought I was crazy. I told him to save up during the off-season, but I think he’s spending the money on hockey games. Oh, to be young and have disposable income…

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