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I’m not sure if that means that this is not a good post or what, but here it goes  NO!  IT DOES NOT!  I just wish I could include my picture with the Flickr thingy.  I WANT MY FLICKR TO WORK EVEN THOUGH I AM PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF INSERTING A PICTURE WITH TYPEPAD.  ROAR.

I am aggravated.  I want this to wooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk!  I might redo this, or I might just include the picture directly from my computer.  So much for dramatic effect, right?

Pee Ess: You know what this means?  Even if Flickr goes belly-up, I will have still posted for today.

God, I love me.

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One thought on “RAARGH

  1. It’s funny (or not) how we struggle sometimes to come up with something to write about. Here we are, each living 24 hours in each day…what do you think causes our struggle most times? Our own censoring? Our own editor in our heads rejecting our submission?
    Yes, I really would like to know. And since I sense a distinct… uhhh… frustration, let’s say – won’t you please blog about this on Monday? What do you think it is that makes us “run out” of things to blog about when we get ourselves into a commitment like NaBlo (or simply having a blog, for that matter)?
    I’ll be back… 🙂

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