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Brush ‘Em Brush ‘Em Brush ‘Em

I’m typing this as I brush my teeth.

I’m not sure if that is one of those visuals that is almost too much information: you probably don’t want to think
about me brushing my teeth or having to deal with a little white babbling brook of spit as I try to think of what to write next.

To say that NaBlo has pretty much tapped me out is no understatement.  But today it would be unfair to lay the whole blame on this monthy marathon/torture exercise.  I also blame my child.

And my friend’s turkey.

And the weather– suddenly again too cold.

And I blame good friends, good food, and fun conversation.

And I blame Rev. Mom and her visit.

And the establishment.


I love that NaBlo has made me blog about what is truly in my mind: no excuses.  And I think that it’s healthy, to tell you about my foam-filled mouth and about the fact that sometimes you just have to own up and say it.

I don’t have much to tell you tonight, and I’m okay with that.  I’ll try to think of something tomorrow.


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One thought on “Brush ‘Em Brush ‘Em Brush ‘Em

  1. Hiya … for me, NaBlo has been an exercise in walking my talk. I always said that I’d keep writing even if no one was reading because that’s just who I am. So, getting no comments day after day makes me feel like I am “blogging into the abyss” but I keep on keeping on.
    I found your blog through NaBlo and enjoy it (even if it’s about brushing your teef!) – 🙂 We’ve only got what? 6 more days? YEY!!

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