A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!


Herr Meow: Wheah is da O?
Mme. Meow (points to key): There it is.

(Clicks letter "o".  Pause.  Clicks again.  Smiles)

Herr Meow (pointing to "x"): Whazat?
Mme.Meow: You know what that is.
Herr Meow: Is equis!

(Clicks "x".  Then clicks "g" and eject and caps lock.  Stops and looks after every click)

Mme. Meow:  Baby, please.  I need to type something.

(Herr Meow smiles and pays no mind to his mother)

Herr Meow: Whozat?  Is a Oh?
Mme. Meow (grumbling): No, that’s a "g".
Herr Meow: Is es "U" de Umbrella!"

(Vain attempts at ignoring child are foiled by cuteness)

Herr Meow (pulsing key happily): OCHO!!


Herr Meow is too excited to go to sleep, so I’ve been trying to type unsuccessfully for a little bit.  He’s fascinated by the keyboard and is thrilled that he can identify some of the letters.  So every time I’m about to start typing about Thanksgiving and turkey and eating far too much and all that good stuff, I get his newest catchphrase– a coy-smile, giggling child leading with the pointer finger, chortling "Wheah is da Oh?"

It all goes downhill from there.

I hope you have had much to be thankful this year, my fellow Americans, and I hope you positively GORGED.  I know I did
Rest of the world:  FRIDAY IS COMING!


He’s finally asleep.
The world’s keyboards let out a collective sigh of relief.

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One thought on “Caveat QWERTY

  1. Is that a Boston, Bronx or Brooklyn accent?

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