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Have A Blog And Smile

Over here at Casa De Meow we’ve been going through the task of uploading CDs into our iTunes library.

It’s kind of boring, but once you get into the thing it’s painless.  And really, who’s going to complain about listening to music, right?



For one, music is a very inflammatory subject.  When those sparkly-clean and pretty people sang about buying the world a Coke and the world being a better place because of it, they lied categorically.  But people bought it because it was a catchy song.

Music is actually the great divider, which is why those magical occasions when EVERYONE finds themselves knowing the motions to the "Macarena" or doing the stomp-stomp- clap of "We Will Rock You" or whipping out lighters and joining in the chorus while belting out "Don’t Stop Believing" THAT is the rare song and the rare moment that needs to be treasured and pulled aside and examined.  It is rare.  It is magical and it is special because so many people can relate to it. 

On the other hand, as with everything –colors, tv shows, blogs, etc.– most things hold meaning for certain segments of the population while drawing an emotional and cultural blank for others.  And then there are the people who actively seek to make your likes and loves the object of scorn and ridicule while campaigning for their own as superior and awesomer and even perhaps, more indie.  If you’re not sure where you stand on the indie spectrum, you may take a quiz to find out by clicking here.

"It’s not as though I really need you./If you were here I’d only bleed you."

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8 thoughts on “Have A Blog And Smile

  1. Are you admitting to a Peter Frampton habit? Millie Vanilli? I know, I know, it’s William Shatner, for which you think you’re safe because of kitch factor. It’s okay, we love you anyway.

  2. You have hit on a truth here – and one of the reasons I’ve always been more cautious about revealing my (varied) musical preferences than most other things I like. People will judge.
    Are we playing “guess the lyric”? The last verse of “Don’t Go Back to Rockville” by R.E.M., right?
    And no big surprise on the quiz – nowhere close to indie. I’m too old to be indie.

  3. Holy crapoly! I guess it was an ok entry as-was, but this was supposed to be draft! :oP Oh well! Mom-brain strikes again.
    Valiens: I will admit this much– I absolutely ADORE “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. And uh…. okay, whoever actually *sang* Milli Vanilli songs.
    And Florinda– ooh, you’re good girl. I love that song.

  4. I will never, ever, EVER wave a lighter to ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. Ever. God, I hate Journey.
    That aside … music is not the great separator. Musical style is the great separator. Music itself is the great uniter – when everyone who matters is on the same page. The 1960s wouldn’t have mattered without the tunes, love.

  5. My results:
    >>Who are you trying to fool? Just because you own a couple of Weezer albums doesn’t mean that you’re uberindie. Indie people don’t hear about cutting edge new bands from MTV. At least the ignorant don’t know what they’re missing…
    Yeah, I guess Prince and Beth Orton don’t count as indie. πŸ˜›

  6. Hey, hey, hey, Ghosty — don’t knock Journey, man! πŸ˜‰ (“Don’t Stop Believing” was my all-time-favorite song in high school. Rock on!)

  7. i am so not indie. i used to think i was back when the show, The OC, dictated what songs I downloaded.

  8. According to that quiz, I am an indie snob! I am entitled to feel better than everyone else because, in fact, I AM better than everyone else! Woo hoo!! Did anyone else get the Joy Division lyrics? *swoon*

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