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National Confronting-Your-Demons-As-You-Write Month Is A-Comin’

Nablo07_sealSo I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the mirthful insanity that possesses some to spend every single day in November penning something of staggering genius –or maybe just kind of mildly surprising genius.

I did NaNoWriMo both in 2004 and 2005 and it was both times an exhausting endeavor.  ’04 was more satisfying because I actually "won", getting in about 55,000 words in or so.  ’05 coincided with the birthmonth of Herr Meow, and so I found it a little tricky to write whilst feeling like an RV with a leaky cistern.  I apologize if you were eating while reading that. 

Last year, 2006 for those counting at home, I started but really didn’t get too far.  Shame.  But of course, it was my fault: I was living in a parallel reality where I hadn’t quite realized that it is impossible to care for a child and a household and write an insane amount of words while still expecting to have time to sleep as well.  Fsh, indeed.


But this year I’ve finally decided to embrace low expectations and give them hugs and warm kisses: I have enrolled in NaBloPoMo and instead of aiming for 2000 words a day, I shall be aiming for a post a day.  I don’t expect all posts to be earth-shattering, but I believe that this goal is far more doable and, well –and with myriad pardons to NaNoWriMo– slightly less torturous.  Nothing is more unnerving than checking your word count on November 24th and discovering that, with less than a week to go, you still are down more than 5000 words.

It sucks.  It’s angst-filling.  It’s horrible.  It’s the kind of thing that keeps you up at night and forces you to deal with the reality that not only are you not writing enough, but also your oven is dirty and you’re secretly afraid of Easy-Off.


I guess that secret’s out.


So yes.  I will do National Blog Posting Month and be happy.
Yes.  I will do my best and maybe write more than I intended to write in the first place.  And hopefully –and unlike yesterday– I will not accidentally hit "publish" when I mean to save something as a draft.  Which will also mean that I’ll have to pay attention and I will also have to finish bitching about the music industry and the music snob.

Anyway, I’ve already joined and found kindred souls who feel misunderstood by the pigeonholing soulcrushingess that happens when you reduce a blog and its blogger to just a category.  So, okay– it’s a category for those who are uncategorized which I find it to be a charming oxymoron.

Won’t you do NaBloPoMo with me?  And, well, join my group so we can feel the burn together?

You will?
I loves you, internets.

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7 thoughts on “National Confronting-Your-Demons-As-You-Write Month Is A-Comin’

  1. Wow! Impressive goals Madame Meow! You go girl! And though it was graphic and a tad gritty, I loved your description: “feeling like an RV with a leaky cistern.” I definitely got a visual on that one.

  2. Done. I’m signed up and in your group. I post nearly every day anyway, but now it will be official for 30 days. (Shudder.) Thanks for the heads-up and the invite.

  3. The first link in this post is broken. So much for paying attention! 😛
    Um, I signed up and such. I shall nablopomoize with you.

  4. *does the Home Alone face* What!! You mean you’re not going to go through the torturous NaNoWriMo with me this year?? Egads!!!
    *grins impishly* I still haven’t decided if I’m trying it again this year. Last year trying to write at the same time I was studying was … well, there’s no words to describe just how mind-twisting that month was. I know my family thought I was insane as well as glued to the computer.
    SO far I have no other commitments this year. *shakes fist* C’mon, somebody give me a job!!! I do have the driving lessons but that’s only four days out of the month.
    Somehow the idea of writing over 50,000 words in a month is easier than making a post a day for me. Oh well.
    Have fun with it.

  5. oooh…i really want to do this, but i don’t know if i can commit to a post a day for a whole month. must think about this but will probably end up giving in.

  6. I’d love to join but already know I’ll fail you and the team since we’ll be in a plane for at least 2 of the days of the month.

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