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In Which I Whine, Celebrate.

What is it that is truly so wrong with being introverted, really?

I often find myself spinning this question in my mind, thinking of it as a small coin with a slot in the center, where I grasp it with two fingers and spin it trying in vain to find any other sides than just the continuous, eternal one.

We’re made to feel defective and incomplete.  We’re humans, yes, but somehow the need to recharge in private is seen as shameful or boring or plain hostile.

Why should we all be required to be gregarious balls of energy?

Why would we want everyone to be the same and act the same?

Why isn’t it enough that when I am feeling like interacting I’m generally a nice person and willing to do small talk– the Holy Grail of the introversion vs. extraversion debate.


Introverts and extroverts exist in about similar percentages in the population –according to numbers from Myers-Brigg type tests, it’s about 47% to 53%, so it’s not like we’re rara avis (though always an odd bird am I).

I mean, no one seems to be totally biased against the intuitive types –as a matter of fact intuition is kind of encouraged and fostered and all those fruity adjectives-ed, but the numbers are still stacked against the sensing types in the population: there are almost three sensing types for every one fruity and fabulous intuitive type.

So it’s funny that even though being the quiet type or the not-so-quiet type is a relatively innocuous measure of character, most portrayals across the media seem to confer upon the person who would rather kick off her shoes and sit with a good book or staring at the ceiling after work the qualities of loserly and boring waste of time.


Oh yeah.  You want to take the Myers-Brigg, right?  Here you go.  INFP?  Cheers, my friend.  Let’s go sulk and be idealistic and shit, together. 

No.  Not "shit together."  "Shit, together".   Difference.


You know what’s funny?

I started this post off a couple of hours ago, kind of frazzled and with systems in overload.  Then I had some quiet time and opportunities to be at peace with myself and to think about other things, and wouldn’t you know it?  I don’t even remember what triggered this tirade in the first place.

And I guess that answers it too: I am as introverted as they come.  Don’t let the charming demeanor fool you:  I’m not a party animal.


On a completely unrelated note, everyone’s favorite controversial blogger, Violent Acres, just had a bloggiversary!   Happy  one year, V!  And what a year it’s been… >.<

Honestly, I must say that her blog has enlightened me quite a bit and made me thought about the empty blather of many blogs and has made me thought about what I write (though probably not enough).

But the true bonus? 

Her life totally reads like a Venezuelan soap opera with a Tums chaser.

(It’s like Chicken Soup For the Introvert’s Soul.  With Sriracha.)

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8 thoughts on “In Which I Whine, Celebrate.

  1. I used to be an INFP, but am now an ENFP… maybe it’s b/c of the years of forced interactions through teaching.

  2. Juanita on said:

    Introverted and intuitive.

  3. I haven’t taken this for years, but it looked like my results are still about the same – INFJ, with highest preferences for I (89%!) and J (67%). I don’t see anything wrong with it, either.

  4. Hmm… INFJ…Introvert 78%,Intuitive 50%, feeling 48%, judging 6%…. Judging? Me? Really… hmm..

  5. So weird. T & I did it at the same time. I’m ENFP, and he’s ENTJ. He got no F, I got no T. We’re now going to retire to our stereotype cubby holes. Except he got a 75% N. I had low P, but pretty even otherwise. I want to run the kids through it.

  6. I need my “me-time” every so often or else I go crazy!
    There’s something very satisfying about curling up with a good book, music on low, and absolutely no interruptions for an hour or three.
    Anyone who tells me that I’m a loser for enjoying that (or anything else I enjoy) gets a pitying look from me and sometimes a comment about how everybody enjoys things differently. Once in a rare while I’ll comment on not passing judgement on other people. Usually I’ll just give the pitying look and change the subject.
    My daughter says that when I’ve given some of her friends “the look” they’ve actually gone and given more thought to what they were criticizing and even tried to enjoy it. Apparently there’s been a few converts 🙂
    Yes, I am still INFP (Introverted iNtuiting Feeling Perceiving).

  7. Oh, dear! I hope it wasn’t me teasing you about being an introvert at my party that brought on the tirade! You do know that I was just ribbing you, right? 🙂
    Anyhow, last time I took it I think I was an ENFJ, although it might have been ENFP. And believe it or not, I’m borderline E/I, which lots of people have a hard time believing. But I grew up in a family of “I’s,” and am married to one. 🙂 So, even “E’s” like me need some down time alone to rejuvenate sometimes!
    The Party Animal 😉

  8. A good friend recommended a book, “The Introverted Advantage: How to Survive in an Extroverted World” by Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D. I think it should definitely be required reading for extroverts. It has some pretty cool facts/theories like only 25% of the populations are considered introverts and many theorists feel this is because the doers of the world (the extroverts) need counsel from the advisors (the extroverts) and you only need so many advisors. Not a bad role, counselor/advisor. We extroverts are just the busy bees :-), and sometimes, we look very busy, but might just be running around in circles because we don’t have good advisors :-).

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