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Lane-Hops. Hops.

Would you like to know why there is so much traffic everywhere?

Because there will always be assholes –with Maryland license plates, usually– who, upon seeing that there is only one exit lane and the merge for this particular exit lane spreads over 3/4 of a mile, will try to have a charitable stranger let them in right before the exit.

They will bypass 3/4 of a mile of obedient, law-abiding motorists and give them a big, heartwarming "fuck you" because that is how they roll.  And if any of said motorists refuses to allow them entry, they will lay on the horn or nose their cars until it’s clear that either they are to be let in or the poor motorists will be paying for the damage through their insurance agent.

I hate people like that.  Which is why it would be awesome to design some system where those solid lines that people aren’t supposed to cross with their tires have a switchblade deterrent system. 



But you don’t need a downer like that to start your Thursday, do you?

In belated honor –and with a warped sense– of Talk Like a Pirate Day (arr!), I hereby share with you a picture of hops.

You know, hops.  Like the kind you find in beer.  The beer that goes in tankards and which you swill as you sing your shanty songs with your fellow swabbies upon the high seas.  Then again, maybe you prefer to stick to rum?



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6 thoughts on “Lane-Hops. Hops.

  1. I’m just relieved to know that LA isn’t the only place where drivers do things like that. (We don’t see many Maryland license plates in these parts.) If you can get that switchblade-deterrent system installed in DC, let’s bring it to California next. Oh, wait, better not – people would just have one more reason to shoot each other on the freeway.

  2. Oh, you are totally mistaken with Maryland… our motto here in Rhode Island is “the asshole state” when it comes to matters of motor vehicles and driving.
    You made my day!
    Sharon – Pinks & Blues Girls

  3. Rum for me, please. And can I have some Captain Jack/Johnny Depp with my rum, please?
    Nice photo of the hops. I never knew what they looked like!

  4. I’ve realized how much stress I’ve saved my life since I stopped driving last spring. I don’t think I could handle all those assholes anymore.
    Mmmm, hops.

  5. Around here(MA) they call us Massholes. No one drives worse then us in Bahston (Boston)
    So that’s what I am going to be drinking in a few hours?

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