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Pumpkin And Punkin

I’m still finding it hard to write much, people.  I apologize, but I also don’t want to whine.

So what do you get?  A cute picture of Herr Meow, discovering a pumpkin at the US National Arboretum the other day.  You would have thought that it were made of gold, the way he zoomed right into the creamy orange skin and almost wouldn’t let go of the jolly orb.

He’s exhausting but he is a cutie.  And yes, mama succumbed to disgusting commercialism and bought him a product (red) onesie.  I am a chumpess, but at least I’m a chumpess with a cute child who is easily visible from a mile away.


Also, the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas have a Photo Friday thingy going on, and this week’s theme is on "Land."

Trust me: it doesn’t get much sweeter for us city dwellers than the expanse and the beautiful lung that is the Arboretum here in DC.  It’s a beautifully maintained place where you can not only learn about plants but touch them and see the dance of the seasons play out through expert gardening hands.

Oh, and it’s free.

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6 thoughts on “Pumpkin And Punkin

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love DC and your son’s curls!!! I love fall, I am looking forward to pumpkin picking myself

  2. your baby is so adorable! and red is definitely his color…

  3. My god, he’s getting big. And cute! Handsome fellow you have there.
    BTW, mommies are forever forgiven, and even encouraged, to purchase Products for their children. Especially day-glo Products. Did I ever tell you of the day my parents inadvertently left *me* at a pumpkin stand, driving off with my two siblings before realizing I wasn’t in the car? I recommend the “hunter’s orange” should the urge for a hat overcome you anytime soon.

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