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Moral: Think Before You Pants The Nerd

Hello, blogland!

Today has been such a gorgeous day that I’ve been walking all over Capitol Hill –from the wooded depths of 14th and D SE  to the intern-polluted wild lands of 3rd and D NE.

It’s been fab-YOU-lous.  And I cannot seem to escape things to blog about, but that’s really something I’d like to ponder upon a little longer –I know, ironic.

But today I wanted to be quick and share one of my favorite things online: Wikipedia articles gone bad!

Here is a particularly weird one:

Heh heh heh.

I know.

"Isonfellin Mingoulin"?  I think someone had way too much time on their hands and a very weird imagination.

I guess what I just kind of fail to fully comprehend is why anyone would ever want to mess up Wikipedia with something as dumb as this, you know?  I can understand  the one that follows a little more but this honestly makes precious little sense.  Maybe LSD would help.

Then again, if this is a set-up for the dumbest plagiarist ever, whoever did this is a beautiful, beautiful wizard of awesome, because someone is going to copy Wikipedia and get a big fat F.  I love it.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that whoever thought this story up was a "genious."

If you’d like to see the cleaned-up version of this wiki, please go here:

Province of South Carolina on Wikipedia

Alrighty.  This is the last one for today, as I think I shall save the other one I have stored somewhere for some time in the near future (read: possibly tomorrow).  This is the one I’d like to call, "beware of your nerdy friends, for they like to do this kind of dumb thing for fun and could end up doing worse, like, you know, setting you up to ‘propose’ to your girlfriend at a Yankees game":


Poor Kale, right?

Even if his friends only meant to prank him on one silly occasion that would hinge on him Googling himself AND finding the article on the cruciferous vegetable, he will never be able to run away from this one dumb and mildly tasteless joke, as some unknown woman from the States preserved his Wikipedia article and revived it for the whole world to see.

Ah, the internet.  It’s a beautiful thing.


And did I mention I have Brassica high in my anus?

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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2 thoughts on “Moral: Think Before You Pants The Nerd

  1. I googled “Isonfellin Mingoulin” and, while the offending Wiki page didn’t show up … yours did. I have no idea if that’s a bad thing or not, but on some level, I suppose congratulations are in order. 🙂

  2. hey! i used to live on 5th and D NE so you probably walked right past my old rowhouse. ahhh…the memories….
    and yes, my neck of the hill was intern-filled then so i imagine it still is now.

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