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For Those of You Who Wondered…

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Salad Course, originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

… Mademoiselle Gracie is alive, kicking, and eating kitty crudités in this here photo.  She is not a proficient car rider, preferring instead to stay home.

And she is adamantly opposed to guinea pigs or other creatures even dreaming of sharing her humans with her.

In short, rest assured that no pets of mine were victims of neglect in order to contribute to yesterday’s blog entry.

As if.

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2 thoughts on “For Those of You Who Wondered…

  1. awww…she’s a cutie!
    nice use of light in the pic, btw!

  2. She’s gorgeous… We have a Gracie, too… Although my 9 year old son, who Gracie claims as her human, insists that her name is spelled “G-r-a-c-e-e”…lol
    Love the picture…
    ( Our Gracee: http://bp1.blogger.com/_-2YQpO_iflA/Rtb89AHNUlI/AAAAAAAAAG8/0AILWuF83sQ/s1600-h/gracie.jpg )

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