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If Requested Songs Were Leaves…

Dear 80s Sky FM,

Thank you for playing "Stand" just right now.

I am sure that deep inside, in some motivational poster hanging in some distant hallway somewhere in the bowels of your company you have some sort of phrase addressing the sheer force, joy and power of music that you can effortlessly deliver and its uncanny ability of placing you in front of the television set circa 1992, scouring MTV to just play the damn video already because, okay, it is a few years old but c’mon and then finally getting your hours’ worth of watching and seeing the giddiness of the silly people dancing around the compass and all that fun stuff but most of all for just the sheer joy of dancing that silly dance again and feeling fifteen and clueless and innocent and distant all wrapped in one sweet chord of what, at one not-so-distant point in time was possibly THE BEST BAND EVAR!!11!!11

Yes.  Thank you for taking me back.

But I’m so not thanking you for playing Dazz Band right afterward, totally killing it for me.

Dazz band?  More like Razz band, seriously.  Yeah, yeah.  But the name doesn’t give me much to work with, now does it?

Somewhat soured despite having had a beautiful moment,

Madame Meow

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One thought on “If Requested Songs Were Leaves…

  1. REM? Seriously. All aboard the pretentiousness bus! A couple of good tunes but I was never that much of a fan. And, my god, why are you watching MTV?

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