A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

Madame Meow Likes,

* Cats, kittens, tigers, lions, cheetahs, leopards and all manners of felines –especially when they wrinkle their eyes in contentment.

* Perfectly sunny days in the low 80s and with moderately low humidity, where the only word that can apply to the sky is "cerulean."

* The words "cerulean", "juggernaut", "smörgåsbord", and "doppelgänger."

* Knowing that everyone has a doppelgänger.

* The colors lavender and violet, and the corresponding flowers and scents.

* When a stranger smiles in a friendly manner for no reason whatsoever.

* When people remember it’s her birthday unprompted (and, well, even when prompted).

* The movie "Amèlie"

* The smell of the Metro as it wafts out of the vents and into the street.

* Receiving flowers.

* The curls on the back of Herr Meow’s head.

* Green eyes.

* Chocolate raisins.

* Friends –the in-person kind and the kind through the computer.

* A well-made chai tea, especially when the barista takes the time to make a design on the foam.

* French fried potatoes.

* The Washington Post, most of the time.

* Plants that do well.  And even plants that don’t do so well.

…And Madame Meow doesn’t like,

* Cat hair everywhere.

* The feeling that every year, her birthday fills her with too much melancholy and not enough joy.

* Knowing that she shares her birthday with the Edsel.

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7 thoughts on “Madame Meow Likes,

  1. Happy birthday to yooooooouuuuu! Here’s to another wonderful 365-day journey around the sun. I hope your birthday is chock-full of those things that you like. Hugs and JOY!

  2. You like the smell of the metro? Weirdo.
    Happy birthday! Make merry as the merry makes you!

  3. Excellent site. Yes, methinks me like thy wordsmything more than a farthing of a tithing.

  4. Washington Post?? Like, um, um, um, um The Style Invitational?!

  5. cristina on said:

    Happy belated birthday! I hope you’ve been properly wined and dined.

  6. i caught ya on facebook but i will say it again, hope your b-day was fabu!

  7. I was watching the “special effects” of the Rome DVD yesterday, and they were talking about how the Egyptians used to worship cats, and held them so highly that the penalty for killing one was death.
    BTW, if you haven’t seen the Rome series, it is really awesome! Interesting and lots of hot & very well toned men! (not recommended for kids though because some scenes are extremely pornographic)
    Happy Belated Bday! 🙂

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