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FeedBurn To The Head

So, holiday today, right? It’s Labor Day today and all its banal and poetic implications of the working man and of how labor is what made this country big and strong, and yet how unions have become these horrible hydras that only look out for their own selfish interests and whatnot.

You know, just the usual thoughts for a very misunderstood and lovely federal holiday.

I feel Labor Day especially close to me, since it usually falls around my birthday.  I feel it’s my birthright to protect it and discuss it and not let it fall by the wayside as just one more hot-dogs-and-burgers type of holiday.

This morning I sought to write about something deep.  However it being a holiday, I was also thinking about doing something light and airy.  And then I got stuck plodding through FeedBurner.

Holy crap, people.  FeedBurner.


I don’t know why or how FeedBurner is important, but it’s apparently super-important and it can make a difference in your blog traffic, bla bla bla.

So I, knowing that I’d created an account a while back, decided to start poking around some more.  Since the site is designed in such a chummy we’re-totes-besties format, it kind of sucks you in.

And then you’re set adrift in the FeedBurner sea, not understanding what is going on, and it’s horrible.  You feel like someone with a pocket protector should emerge from the mists and come and save you, and your eyes glaze over.

Yes, it’s written in English.  (Do I speak English?)
But this brand of English melts your brain and makes you feel really weird and… dumb.  Take this little example: Ack

I know I’m supposed to understand.  In fact, I get words such as "title" and  "description" and even "sparkling"… but beyond that I feel that FeedBurner is speaking a weird dialect unknown to me and it’s making me break into hives or something.

Please make sure you take a tour of FeedBurner sometime and tell me if this is just my personal beginning of feeling very passé and old –maybe that’s what happens when you turn 31– or if it is that those geeks from hell have finally managed to construct their own language and we’re all doomed if we don’t get ourselves a Pocahontas.


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One thought on “FeedBurn To The Head

  1. Darling, I understand all things Feedburner. Please feel free to email me with questions at anytime.

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