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No Forgiveness For You, National Capital Area

I am incensed, people.

Rev. Mom has just extolled the virtues of a movie called "Ladrón Que Roba A Ladrón".

It features some very well-known Mexican, Colombian and Argentine soap opera stars, and it’s a great heist movie and it’s supposed to be cool and fun.

And, ah, yes.  It’s in Spanish.

Did I mention that Rev. Mom saw this movie last week in an area that is at least TWO HOURS from the nearest major cultural center type of city in California?  (read: NO EARLY RELEASES)

And did I mention that the movie was released on 31 August?  That’s right.  It’s been on theaters for a whole week now, almost.

So you can imagine my pissed-offedness when upon doing the "enter ZIP code" bit on Google, I got nothing but a blank stare back from El Google.

The kind of blank stare that says, "I’ng sorry, Doña Miau.  I guess dey don’t like ’em beaners in de nation’s Capital, ju know?"

Not even if the beaners make an awesome movie that I WANT TO SEE, apparently.  And not even if the movie is set in L.A. 

Or maybe because the movie is set in L.A.?  Is this an East Coast-West Coast thing?  No wait.  Wrong demographic– my apologies.

Anyway.  I’m pissed off, and ironically enough I feel robbed.

And I’m seriously thinking that this is what is truly wrong with the US: that any crappy domestic heist movie totally gets promoted up the wazoo — even if it’s a pathetic third part wherein only the first part maybe worked but the second part was definitely lame and boring despite the star-studded cast and, seriously people, Julia Roberts IS NOT PRETTY— but that a cool heist movie that defies the establishment and that features a fun romp with people who do not speak English in it but to whom many people in this country can relate (including yours truly) gets SNUBBED.

But revenge will be mine when the movie finally rolls around, and then whatchagonnado, big lame bloated market that doesn’t want to see this movie, huh?  Huh?

Yes, nothing.  I know.

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3 thoughts on “No Forgiveness For You, National Capital Area

  1. perhaps it is an east coast/west coast thing. i dunno. one of my favorite things about living back home was seeing major movies before they came out every where else or seeing those artsy movies that are always limited release.
    i just clicked on the link for the movie and i haven’t heard about it before but it looks like a cool concept for a movie–using the day laborers as accomplices in the heist. genius! i’ll have to ask the peeps back home if they’ve heard of the movie.
    btw, could the cast be any more gorgeous? damn.

  2. I have no idea why this movie isn’t being shown around here. Maybe it’s a marketing thing? It does look like a really cool movie, and it has to be funny as hell – real day laborers as accomplices, come on. That’s classic.
    And, where is Julia Roberts in that other movie? She’s not mentioned in the cast …

  3. I hear ya sister. Nothing good ever comes this way. Well, that’s not true. There’s an independent theater an hour away but I can’t be bothered to haul my ass that far for a movie. At least we have a very cool video store that brings in all sorts of foreign and indie movies so perhaps I’ll see it down the road. I always dig a good heist…. heist movie, that is.

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