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Let Them Read Blog

I’ve been –as usual– trying to concoct a blog entry in my mind but do not know where to begin.

In this horridly self-obsessed blog I read on occasion –although to be fair, "horridly self-obsessed" and "blog" together is rather like "poor excuse for lunch" and "hot dog" in the same sentence… and yet, so sinfully tasty!– I read a description of blogging being akin to making some sort of delicious confectionery or treat of sorts.

The entry in question was far more vomitive than just that, but I agree with the initial premise: that of being able to manipulate the sentences to either create a fun –if highly caloric– ditty of nothingness, or a heftier and meatier syrupy something, with substance and thick with meaning;  and how that is a fun and a particularly satisfying thing for a writer to do.

Unless the writer is just kind of sitting there, dazed and thinking of switching the laundry; what to make for dinner; where will it be possible to get a good leg wax from someone who is not a medieval mercenary; is a 45 minute nap justified for Herr Meow, who’s already napped today; and whether it is fair to assume that last weekend’s cool mornings is life’s way to heralding the beginning of the "autumnal approach," if you will.


Alas, most of the time most blogs –and seriously, if you just hit the "next blog" feature on Blogger, for instance, you’ll see my meaning– are truly worse than high fructose corn syrup mixed with FC&C red #40: empty and possibly carcinogenic.


Anyway, I guess there are several things I wanted to write about, including that one emetic entry.
Do any of you have blogs you read because you enjoy getting upset and angry and pissed off that there are other actual people who actually like the blogger in a non-ironic manner?

Yes, well, okay.  You’re probably a bigger and more evolved person than I am.  As for me, I enjoy a side of Tums while reading some blogs.  It’s this thing I do, and at which I am very good.

(To my faithful commenters and commentees: No.  It’s not your blog)

I’m also good at getting turned around in DC, but I feel this is not a gift with which I alone have been blessed, for the streets are horribly messed up and awfully mislabeled and strange.  But DC driving is still a great thrill.

Let’s see:  Georgetown is cute.  And Anthropologie in Georgetown is even cuter. 
But Herr Meow throwing a full-body, I-hate-everything-right-this-minute hissy fit is not exactly cute.  And yet, he is. 

Unfortunately, and even though I checked, Anthropologie does not  yet make a fashionable and earth-conscious bag to cover your head while your child throws himself miserably on the floor because he’s not allowed to pick up the (maybe?) dirty restaurant spoon that some kindly person left sitting by the flower box in an inexplicable act of inexplicability.  I guess what is most inexplicable is why Herr Meow has developed such an aggressive and sensitive affection for cutlery, that when it came to having to choose between his mother (read: endless hugs, free piggy-back ride, possible time-out) or forever be united in matrimony with that possibly unclean and definitely Godless spoon, he nearly picked the spoon.

Too bad it "accidentally" fell into the bushes.


Oh yes!  Just remembered what I was going to share with you all, and which is not exactly breaking news but is very exciting. 

Have you seen The Tube lately? Do you love it?  Or do you love it LOVE IT?
Isn’t it the zaniest, most out-there collection of stuff ever and doesn’t it just rock your collective socks because there is a channel that ACTUALLY PLAYS MUSIC VIDEOS FROM PRETTY MUCH MOST GENRES????

When we first ran into The Tube, I thought it was like my little pet secret: Monsieur Meow was fiddling around with actual rabbit ears because he wanted to see if we could get some high definition channels over the airwaves (i.e. for free).  So you can imagine the thrill to discover that in the DC metro area there are about four different PBS channels, three different local weather-only channels (the joy!) AND THE TUBE!

It just looked so weirdly old-fashioned, and so very commercial-free.
And the videos, at once so dated but at the same time so buoyantly, so insouciantly, so agelessly cool.

(I paid extra for the thesaurus.  Shush.)

So.  Get thee to the site and see if you can get The Tube, because it’s very much worth your watching– that is, if you were ever into just watching music videos in the first place.


Happy week, everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Let Them Read Blog

  1. Firstly, no, I cannot ‘stomach’ bloggers who, no matter how obtuse, annoying and nit-witty they may be, still manage to gain and keep a following. Bastards. Bah, see what you’ve done? I’m searching for my own Tums now …
    … and I’ve never met anyone who could put a child’s tantrum into such delectable prose. Nicely done. I’ll also check out this ‘Tube’ thing, as I do not have cable but do own some rabbit ears.

  2. Girl, didn’t you read my NEVER Click “Next Blog” post? There is some freaky ass shit out there! The Next Blog feature is evil. EVIL I tell you!

  3. “As for me, I enjoy a side of Tums while reading some blogs.” I immediately thought, does she mean me? sadness. but then you dispelled that thought shortly after. phew!
    btw, ‘next blog’ is the devil. there’s a lot of crap out there.

  4. Here thanks to Mad-Click-Mondays ala Jo, I looked at the clock and have been here for nearly an hour! Adding you to Bloglines NOW, but I’ll be back!

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