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Therapy:Blogging as Lemons:Lemon Drop

I remembered something else I was going to mention the other day but had previously escaped my mind.

Last night in the middle of the night I woke up and composed a rather mean note in my mind.  I think it began something like,

"Dear Wannabe Fashionista, 

Wearing enormous sunglasses that dwarf your face and make you look like either one of the Olsen twins –or worse, Chloë Sevigny— should not be anyone’s idea of fashionable. 

I know… they are probably Wayfarers, and yes… they were cool once, circa 1983.  You know, back when Tom Cruise was the shizznit and no one ever even dreamed that he was 1)actually five-foot-two, or however tall he truly is, or b) insane.

You know.  Before you were born.

They aren’t cool.  Not anymore.  And definitely not in white.  And definitely not with that kelly green terrycloth shirt you’re wearing.  They are strangely hausfrau on you, missy.  And what’s up with the hair, huh?  You should consider doing something with that lank brown hair, because it’s not framing your face as much as it is just plain overwhelming it– that is to say that you look more like the "before" in a shampoo commercial.

I’m thinking Selsun Blue."

Yeah I know.  I mean, what did that girl ever do to me, really, to deserve such a nasty little note?

Did she give me the evil eye while I was walking down the street with Herr Meow?  Um… a little, but it wasn’t like holding-my-head-sobbing horrible staring.

Did she walk by in a devil-may-care attitude, looking overprivileged and mildly hungover, looking worry-free except for the procurement of her first caffeine shot of the day?

Yes.  And I’m having my own event, Discovery Channel.  I’ve always resented your super-successful Shark Week, with all its talk of cartilage and rows of teeth and leathery skin that cuts if you rub it against the grain.

It’s Catty Week here at Zen Sarcasm.  I honestly don’t know where this is all coming out, but out it must come.


Then again, I ran into this item sometime yesterday and I must admit it gave me pause.

Could it be possible that wallowing in problems –or non-problems, as the little unfashionista might be– actually makes them worse?


Part of me wants to disagree loudly– after all, problems are best off released into the world and expunged and exorcised out of your soul, right?  That’s why we women have a longer life expectancy– because we don’t hold in all our anger and frustration and keel over from a heart attack from being as tight as a pressure cooker or whatnot.  But that kind of sounds like a sexist copout, because some men love nothing better than to whine in their own way.  And when confronted with their whining at a later date, they will vehemently deny it too.

Yeah you do.  Deny, deny, deny, men.  One of these days I’m going to invest in a Home Stenographer and then all bets are off.  Until then…


Anyway.  I started thinking about a friendship that ended partially because the friend in question couldn’t see that it was not exactly… um…. shall we say, kosher? copacetic? parent-approved? … to gift someone a Hello Kitty-shaped vibrator for Christmas.

A Hello Kitty-shaped vibrator. 

For Christmas.

I can see giving a HK fan something HK-shaped.  That’s fine.

I can see the potential for fun in giving something naughty-yet-HK-shaped something (underwear? riding crop?) for a bachelorette party or a stag-and-hen bit, you know?

I can see how you would give a very, very close friend a vibrator because you thought she could use one to, say, take the edge off or stop being such an uptight frigid cow, but, um…. only if they had specifically asked you about it, maybe? 

No, actually.  I can’t see that last bit– I’m thinking that vibrators are a bit on the intimate side of things– something that you would buy for yourself, or as a couple.  But it’s no one else’s business, really– kind of like how it would be a testament of love if your significant other buys you tampons, antifungal ointment or ass cream without putting on that "why, Lord?" face on when you ask. Am I wrong and prudish for thinking this?

So yes. Here I am whining about a problem that’s dead and gone.  And I am asking you guys –you who come from different walks of life– to shed some light on this issue (i.e. Am I a prude?).

And I can guarantee that this problem will not get any bigger by our extensive probing thereof, thus proving all that lovely research wrong.



Pee Ess: A Lemon Drop recipe for you, for being such great sports!  Thank you Drinksmixer.com!

Lemon Drop
1/2 oz vodka

1/2 oz lemon juice
1 sugar cube

sugar to the rim of an old-fashioned glass, and drop a cube or packet
of sugar into the bottom of the glass. Pour vodka and lemon juice into
a stainless steel shaker over ice, and shake until completely cold.
Pour into the prepared old-fashioned glass, and serve.

(pee-pee-ess: I usually see them served on martini glasses, but don’t tell anyone.  Or, ok, do.)

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8 thoughts on “Therapy:Blogging as Lemons:Lemon Drop

  1. oooh…i want a hello kitty vibrator! not for christmas though. christmas is for more conventional gifts.
    still, if you’ve never discussed vibrators with your friend before, then that would be an inappropriate gift. and awkward.
    also, i think i would be offended if my boo got me a vibrator as a gift. kinda like, “here, do it yourself. i’m taking a break.” but that’s just me.
    you knew i was going to put in my two cents about this, didn’t you?

  2. I consider myself to be fairly open-minded and modern however there are still several things that I am very old-fashioned over. One of the major things on my list is a definite separation between private and public information. Intimate preferences and details are private. Fights between two people (whether friends or lovers) are private. That doesn’t mean subjects like sex are taboo around me. I’ll discuss sex, differences of opinions, religion, just about anything with anyone however it will not be in a personal manner. My opinions, beliefs, and views are mine and while I may share them with close friends they are not open to debate. So if someone doesn’t like my views, that’s fine, I’m not asking them to.
    The fact that you find the HK vibrator to be an inappropriate gift does not make you a prude. If you were a prude you wouldn’t be discussing any aspect of sex. For the record, I agree that it was not an appropriate gift.
    Speaking of the initials HK, did you see the final episode of Hell’s Kitchen?

  3. Coming from someone who has gifted many a vibrator, I guess I have a different opinion. But you have to understand that I worked in a sex/woman’s shop and got great discounts and I knew that whoever I was gifting them to really really wanted that damn Sex in the City rabbit vibrator. But I can’t imagine having someone open the gift of a vibrator on Christmas morning in front of the whole family. That would be a ‘Death to Smoochie’ moment, where you would have to explain…. look kids, mommy got a rocket ship.
    A prude, you are not my dear. I mean you actually wrote the words vibrator and ass cream on your blog. ha ha.
    BTW, I tagged you baby! 10 things you love about yourself.

  4. No, love, you are certainly not a prude. You have taste. There is a big difference.
    A HK vibrator is wrong. It’s wrong, wrong, and oh, so, so … WRONG. It’s just damn wrong. I, however, am not encumbered by taste; tell me where to get one, as it’s the perfect gift for my ex-wife. She will SO die laughing, and her husband will SO hate me. It’s perfect.
    And what’s the beef with the ultra-big sunglasses? I always thought they were an accessory that got a bum rap, and I’m glad they’re back in vogue. Maybe it’ll all come back; the beehive, the ‘boots were made for walking’ boots, Jackie Onassis.
    That’s Hot.

  5. Are you wrong? No!
    Are you prudish? Not only no, but HELL NO!
    This coming from a 40+ y/o woman who never has, does not, and cannot imagine ever using such an instrument with an audience present(even if said audience is her spouse/sig-other.) And yes, I have been repeatedly asked to put on this most private of “shows” for former husband of 8 yrs. Some would scream, “Ridiculous! Look at all else you’ve done with this man, for God’s sake!” But I say, “No way.” Go figure.
    I’m with you: vibrators are an intimate thing, and certainly not gifts, unless, like you say, previously suggested, hinted at, or blatantly requested.

  6. Great blog, I will be back for more snarking! And I HATE those sunglasses.

  7. Ok, I’m clearly in the minority, but I think the idea of a Hello Kitty vibrator is HILARIOUS. Surely it was meant as a gag gift? Was your friend that kind of friend? Still, it would be embarrassing to open that in front of parents, etc.
    I once bought John a CD for Christmas called — I kid you not — “Making Out to Mozart,” and it had a cartoony drawing of two naked people on the cover. I actually can’t remember if I had him open it in front of family — I think I did, maybe as a stocking stuffer… 🙂

  8. How about this for a “different” type of vibrator: http://www.ohmibod.com
    There’s even a “Club Vibe” on the website where they have playlists and DJs.
    And they have a cell-phone activated vibrator as well. Hilarious.
    PS – I tend to agree that ranting/wallowing/complaining about problems makes them worse.

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