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Laundry List: Tee Gee Eye Eff!

Friday laundry list!

1. Hey, vote for me peez?  Thank you to those of you who have voted already, incidentally! :o)
Thank yous!

2. Had lovely rendezvous with the cool and dangerous Mr. Gunfighter yesterday morning.  Herr Meow also thought that GF was a cool guy because he was going crazy sharing his snack with him– and believe me when I tell you that "sharing" is not high on the list of Herr Meow’s favorite things to do (e.g.: the other day he went all Russell Crowe on a little friend of his because he didn’t want to share the phone.  Oops).  I was also gifted a beautiful strand of  prayer beads, which happens to be GF’s hobby (I’ll take a picture of them soon so you can see).  It was lovely to meet you, sir!

3. Herr Meow was a baby-sat champion yesterday!  I know it’s a little weird to whine about that, but he doesn’t often spend time with people other than family, so yesterday was quite a triumph.  At least, it was a triumph for neurotic mama’s nerves.

4. Ooh.  Two words: Belga Café.  SO GOOD PEOPLE!  SOOOOOO GOOD!  (and yay for Restaurant Week!)

5. I am an introvert: too much time away from home, and I start to crash and burn.

6. Yesterday, while watching "Becoming Jane" by myself in the cool, dark theater –the lovely underground E Street cinema— while eating not-very-good popcorn and wishing instead that I could take advantage of the bar in the cinema, I realized how much of a luxury it is to be able to sit there in the air-conditioned cave, just focusing on the movie.  Single people: GO TO THE MOVIES BY YOURSELF WHILE YOU CAN.  Don’t be all mopey and self-conscious: enjoy it.  It’s the shit.

7. Incidentally, the entrance to the E Street cinema is, in fact, on E street– even though the address lists it as being on 11th street.  Why anyone would go out of their way to be confusing is beyond me.

8. Cringe, ye video-addicted masses: Baby Einstein videos are not just scary, but they can actually delay speech development.  Read the Time magazine article here, please.  Now, I’m just holding out for the article that says Bumbo seats are not good either.  That distant thudding you hear is my "Bumbo Sucks" rain dance.  Carry on: you already knew I was on the evilish side anyway.

9. It’s the weekend!!! YAY!  Go and enjoy it.

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4 thoughts on “Laundry List: Tee Gee Eye Eff!

  1. baby einstein videos are bad for babies? damn, i gotta get my niece to stop watching those. here i thought we were prepping her for a head start to a perfectly accomplished collegiate career at USC, the alma mater.

  2. I have a dear ex who swears by Baby Einstein. Guess she won’t be happy to see that article.
    I will take your advice, and go – by myself – to see a movie. I *NEVER* go to movies alone. I hate going to do anything that’s fun alone, and as a result I don’t get to do anything much that’s fun. So, I will try it, and praise you / blame you as appropriate afterwards. 😛

  3. I love going to movies by myself. If I waited for someone to match my schedule to go then I would never go. It’s less expensive, easier to get a seat and I get the popcorn all to myself.

  4. Belga Cafe indeed! Mmmm hmmm!

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