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An Inconvenient Thirty Days

August will be Frugal Month here at the Meowhold.  Between the Monsieur and I we decided to give honest and simple living a try.  We were inspired to a certain extent by Morgan Spurlock’s series and we think that this could be a decisive month in our lives, as far as reducing our expenditure footprint (if not our carbon footprint, really). 

Well… that is the hope, anyway.  So, during Frugal Month we will try to accomplish the following:

We will save more.
We will try to use 100% of our groceries and only buy enough to eat.
We will try to reduce impulse buying.
We will attempt to be all-natural and buy local produce whenever availiable.
We will recycle even more than we do so now.
We will not engage in frivolous spending.
We will donate to charity even more– specifically those things that we hoard but that we do not need and only hold onto out of sentimentality and schmaltz.
No frivolous spending.

Really.  No frivolous spending.  I know.  What was I thinking, right?

So of course I’ve been going a little crazy trying to get "organized" and "squaring off" certain "necessary" "things" that simply "need" to be purchased.

A friend recently referred to my affliction as a fiscal bulimia of sorts.

She is ever so right.


Why do we have these compulsions?
Why is it that the moment we know there will be the last call for the kitchen, we figure out that we’re hungry?
Why is it that when we’re told "NO" vehemently and sternly, we feel the rebellion yeast brewing inside and rebel, even if we think that "Viva La Revolución" is something that MTV "Trés" concocted?

Oh and incidentally –and with all due pardons– what the hell are you thinking, you rancid assf**ks?  The number three in Spanish DOES NOT HAVE AN ACCENT (check?  click here)and I want to say that I hate you but I really don’t hate  you for placing one there where there is none.  You just make me very angry, is all.


No.  Frivolities.
August will be a long, boring month.
Or possibly, it could be the best month of my life.

I feel the need to try.

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4 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Thirty Days

  1. I commend you on your efforts. I try this several times a year, actually, but I seem to be getting better at it as I go along. Even though I never stick with it.
    I tagged you for a meme over at my blog. See here:
    If you feel like playing, just make a post and let me know so I can come read it!

  2. wow. i commend you for your efforts. unnecessary spending is something we should all avoid. my boyfriend is very, very good at this. me? not so much. in fact, if i had the will power, i would attempt to put an end to my shopping addiction. but it’s simply much too powerful for me to overcome. and sadly, my closet is bearing the brunt of it (not to mention my check book). so kudos to you!

  3. we’ve been trying this at our house too. sometimes it works; sometimes not. but we’re still going at it. one of the things we’ve been doing more is going to the library (instead of the mall, which my hubby and daughter love and i hate). getting books, movies, and music for free is the best thing i can think of. we go several times a week and have become well known by all the staff there. 🙂

  4. Jenny on said:

    Is it possible that the word was “tres” as in the French word for “very”? Just a thought!
    Good luck in your frugality, that’s amazing! We should probably do the same…
    BTW, I’m *finally* getting caught up on your blog, I’ve been about 2-3 months behind ever since maternity leave! 🙂

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