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Feeling UnPottered

Yes, I get it: you’re reading Harry Potter’s last book.

Or you’re done.  Yes.  Most likely you’re done.

And you loved it.  Or you didn’t love it as much because of <insert spoiler here>.

And you really, really, really want to talk about it, like now.

So I’m going to avoid you for a few days.

I was in your shoes not too long ago.  In fact, not to toot my own horn, but I was there totally hooked on HP back in late 1998 and early 1999, when it was not the coolest thing to be doing (at least in America anyway).  I stood in line to get book 4 and book 5. 

If we’re splitting hairs, I even know what it’s like to have a bad haircut and broken glasses at age 10.

I loved the books.  I loved the movies –although arguably never as much as the books.

And then came a few things in rapid succession:

1. I didn’t enjoy the last book I read as much as I thought I would (that would be "Order Of The Phoenix"– proceed to gasp and ask me how I could have lived life without reading "Half-Blood Prince"),

2. Monsieur Meow refused to read the books.

3. The subsequent movies kind of have raped and plundered at will and I don’t enjoy them as much as I feel I should– although I have seen them all.

I am not sure what happened.

Somewhere along the way I lost interest and I kind of miss it.  I miss the excitement of getting the new book and wondering what will happen.  I miss being giddy like everyone I know has been for the past month or so.

I miss being part of the flock on this one. 

But I still don’t want you to pelt me with spoilers, okay?


And talking about spoilers, did anyone guess that Lindsay would be such a screwup so soon after rehab?  She’s making Robert Downey Jr. look really good at this point, and Drew Barrymore, like a saint.

Oh…. and…. who can’t wait for the latest OK! magazine!  Hell, spoilers and all, that issue will be the shit!  (Literally, since the dog doodooed over everything.)

Have a good Humpday, everyone.  And I am glad you’re enjoying your last Harry Potter book.

Glad, and a little jealous.

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5 thoughts on “Feeling UnPottered

  1. I don’t reside in Pottersville, mon ami.

  2. I’m going to shock the world by admitting that I’ve never read a Harry Potter book and only saw a couple of the movies. I know! I’m a freak.

  3. Vixen on said:

    I admit I’m a Potter fan. I also admit that books 5 & 6, The Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince, are darker and not as enjoyable as the earlier books. However these are the two books where she is building towards the climax. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie and hoping this is a case where the movie is better than the book. Although I’m certain that the movie will be more rewarding to me because I have read the book so I know all the details that get left out.
    The complaints I had with Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire lay mostly with the directors who, I felt, had cut out important details that left the movies feeling jagged and incomplete. Certain things the characters learn through the book were glossed over so that all of a sudden they knew things without any indication of how they had found out being given. I realize that trying to cut down those huge books while keeping the essence of the storyline could not have been easy and I understand keeping the house-elves out gave more depth to the characters’ personalities and abilities. I also think the change of actors for Dumbledore made a difference as well.
    I have mixed reactions on the last book. I don’t like it when people post spoilers so I’m not saying anything more except “Wow! Mrs. Weasley!!”

  4. Avoid me then. I have a whole post full of spoilers. Deal with it. 😛

  5. i’m going to provide an even bigger shock than bohemiangirl (not that i’m trying to one-up her or anything) and say that i have never read a potter book and i’ve only seen the first movie which was actually good. i’m not quite sure why i haven’t gotten into it.
    i was at trader joe’s yesterday and the cashier told me that he had just finished reading the last potter book. i asked him to tell me how it ends. and like a responsible fellow lover-of-books, he refused to tell me. honestly, i really just wanted to know how it ends! 🙂

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