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Sun In Leo; Will To Live, In Uranus

The house is not dirty, but I need to get started again in my routines.

If only I could remember what those routines were.

I know it’s a very ungrateful thing for me to say, just having returned from a long vacation in a beautiful place, but isn’t it annoying how holiday tends to suck the life out of you?  I mean, it does… sucks the life out that you wanted pumped back in, in the first place.  It’s kind of an odious little vicious cycle, but I’ll be  back in no time.

Of course, I highly suspect that the overall lethargy that seems to plague people around this time of year is also due to the sun thinking ever so highly of itself now that it’s moved into its own sign of Leo.  Sometimes familiarity does breed contempt.

Must.  Stop.  Rambling.


Then again, it seems someone likes my ramblings!  Thank you (OVERDUE THANK YOU!) to Jo over at Life With Heathens for awarding this blog with the Thinking Blogger award!  I am flattered and cannot think of one single snarky thing to say.  I think I’m hyperventilating.


Ooh.  Shiny.  Purdy.

I am now supposed to award five people whose blogs make me think.  So without further ado and in no particular order, here you are:

1. Bohemian Girl and her lovely creations, thoughts and pictures.
2. SoloMother and her courageous and empathy-filled outlook on life.
3. Bee’s acid-tongued observations.
4. Valiens and her bear-trap-sharp mind
5. Reya’s poetry on a DC theme.

Thank you for always having fun and funny and deep and thought-provoking items that make me look forward to reading.  I appreciate you.

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4 thoughts on “Sun In Leo; Will To Live, In Uranus

  1. Oh, you darling! How fun! Congrats and thanks as well. How am I supposed to sleep tonight? I’m thrilled for us both. You made my week!

  2. See, I knew you’d like the pretty shiny girl! Besides, I always think your blog is great and you definately make me think!

  3. Flattery will get you everywhere darlin’. I thought the heat had sucked the life force right out of me but your award just got my heart pumping and awakened something in me. Kinda how the grinch felt when his heart grew 3 sizes. I hope you know how appreciated you are too. Thanks for sharing, thanks for the laughs, thanks for the music in your words.

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