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Eternal Naptime Of The Tired Mind

Ah… summer.

Mind blank and at peace.  I could take a nap right now, honestly.  The only sound is that of the fishbowl’s airstone WHRRRRRR and it’s a pretty relaxing one.


I just ate something that sounds kinda not too exciting but is so good– these soy and flaxseed chips from … where else?  Trader Joe’s.  I recommend them, if only because they have FOUR grams of fiber in every serving and fiber equals smooth-as-silk bowel movements.

I enjoy being regular.  Don’t you?

So back to the WHRRRRRRRRR! I just have to say that it is one very relaxing sound.
Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but the two mollies and one platy that were in our fishtank as replacement to poor little deceased Abe have turned into about seven mollies and four platy fish.

They have spawned and it’s kind of funny to see them all swarm at feeding time as if they’ve been there the whole time.  I must say, they do seem to love it in the tank.  Which is funny because I have read and have been told that they don’t really like giving birth under less than ideal circumstances.

Crazy fish.  WHRRRRRRRRR!

It is mighty pleasant outside.
The heat lately has been simply wonderful, and the drought is not good, but it sure makes for nice weather.
STOP WATERING YOUR LAWNS AT NOON, YOU JERKS!  Hello?  Evaporation?  Singing plants and burning them?  Not smart?


Mm…. want iPhone.  Too expensive.  Book am reading is depressing but cannot put down as am on page 661 of 807 and what’s this?  There was AN APPENDIX OF CHARACTERS HERE?  Bastards! These are the things one needs at the beginning of the book to keep track of ALL the dead!  AAAAAAARGH!

…must.  take.  siesta.

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3 thoughts on “Eternal Naptime Of The Tired Mind

  1. i love those soy and flaxseed tortilla chips from tj’s! they are so delicious with some fresh salsa. mmm…
    oh and don’t get the so-called ‘spicy’ version. there’s nothing spicy about them. i was disappointed. 😦

  2. Nothing beats being regular 😉

  3. ooooh yes girl! i do love me a good BM. ‘-) soy and flaxseed chips you say? our trader joe’s is coming soon. and right down the street too. thank God cuz i’m about tired of harris teeter and food lion and bloom is too far on the other side. um, what book is that?

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