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Shiny Happy Monday

I know I blog on here about weather A LOT, but you have to bear with me because I actually find it fascinating.

More fascinating than weather itself, though, is the awesomeness of today.

The sky is actually blue, and not tinged in weird shades.  And the sun shines down pure and clear and devoid of those scary particulates that make it look like there is a forest fire going on.  The morning air was crisp and light and delicious, and you actually can feel good about breathing in this lovely air. 

And of course, even though it’s not as warm as it’s been (hallellujah!), the sun does not have a hazy screen of muck to veil it, and it’s vicious.  Simply vicious, but so very nice and warm that it cuts the edge of the wind.

Days like these almost do not feel like they belong in our little swamp.  They belong in areas with lots of open, green space and sea spray.  But that’s a good thing, I think:  if Washington had too many days this insouciantly alive and sparkling and beautiful, too many people would want to live here, huh?


Today is Lindsay Lohan’s twenty-first birthday, and I’m getting this weird itch to let Candy Spelling possess me.

It’s probably kind of silly, really, but it’s kind of sad and pointless to celebrate one’s twenty-first birthday when one’s already been more than busted for drinking and doing drugs –in rehab and with the looming possibility of doing time.

Screw it. 
Lindsay?  You suck.  I used to root for you, but now that you’ve become a crotch-flash-happy cokehead, you just make me sad.  End of rant.


Just now, talking to Rev. Meow, she mentioned that she felt the earth move. 
My first thought was to freak out a little –I always freak out a little with earthquakes.  Their newness and scariness never wears off on my nerves.

The second thought?  Going HERE.
I used to love logging on and seeing the magnitude of the ‘quake and its depth.  It kind of makes me sad that I haven’t had a use for geeking out at the US Geological Survey.  I miss that shot of adrenaline.

I really do.  I am serious.  It was a 4.3!  That’s the stuff!  *Whines*  I want to click on "Did you feel it?" so badly!

I am such a nerd.


Oh.  I must share:  yesterday at around 1900h, Abe the Fish passed away and he was flushed with full regalia ,and after a few words were uttered, to Taps.
May God hold your tank in the palm of his hand, Abe-Wabey.  You and your pretty blue tail will be missed.

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2 thoughts on “Shiny Happy Monday

  1. i remember shortly before i moved here, socal seismic activity was reported every day on the 6 o’clock local news (i think it was abc). i believe it came on right after the weather report. it was my favorite part of the local news.
    i don’t really freak out when i feel an earthquake. there’s just something about the ground moving completely on its own that inspires awe in me.

  2. I love the usgs site too and I’ve never experienced an earthquake…

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