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Oh, CANADA! (Oh, poop!)

Happy July, everyone!  Happy Lady Di’s birthday!



And happy "Emergency Poop Cleaning Because The Child Is Starting To Realize That It’s Not Fun When Poop Clings To Your Buttcheeks And So Removes His Diaper As Soon As He’s Soiled Himself" Day to us in the MeowHold!!!!!!  Herr Meow hasn’t quite fully warmed up to the potty, preferring going *next* to it instead; but he’s slowly tearing off his diapers during crucial times.  And I do mean… crucial.

On the one hand, HOORAY!

On the other hand, does anyone think that duct tape is inappropriate as a diaper seal?  Even if I carry scissors with me everywhere I go?

Alrighty.  It’s all for now.  Toodles!

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3 thoughts on “Oh, CANADA! (Oh, poop!)

  1. Nothing wrong with duct tape on diapers, but electrical tape is even better; it’s easier for someone with fingernails to peel off rather than cut. We just put panties over Noodle Girl’s diaper, and that gives us extra seconds to put her on the potty while she tries to pull them down. Good times! šŸ˜‰

  2. I understand Herr Meow. I don’t like it when poop clings to my buttcheeks either šŸ™‚ Thanks for thinking about us up here in the north on Canada Day.

  3. Us Crazy Lovely Funny Freaky people thank you for your wishes!
    lol…that made me laugh so much.

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