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Monday Meme and Miscellany

Good late morning, everyone!  Thanks for all the comments, especially on the Jodie Marsh entry.  I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks that

a) she is really rather pathetic/disgusting, and
b) her age is confounding

Also, thank you to the mommies from the CHBM carnival for stopping by!  Reading your confessions made me feel like we really need to cut ourselves some slack sometimes.  That, and we need to realize that just because WE swore we’d never give our child Twizzlers, it doesn’t mean that he can’t walk himself over and go stand by a picnicking family at the park like a little mooch and get them to give him some through Feats Of Cuteness.

Note to self: fit child with LoJack.


I have been tagged by the lovely Jo over at Life with Heathens to do a very special "In The Spotlight" meme.  This meme was designed by Christy of Christy’s Coffeebreak.  So here we go:

When did you start blogging?

I started back in June of 2004 with an entry about how massages are wonderful, and I did it on MySpace.  Ever since that entry, I was smitten and hooked– though I wrote very sparingly because I figured I’d already come to the world of blogging pretty late.  But then I started reading a really fun blog called  Molly Golightly and I got to thinking that even if mine was "just one more blog" it could look as pretty and as fun and witty as hers.  So I looked into blogging platforms and since Movable Type (Molly’s blogging thingy) and Typepad are kinda like cousins and part of sixapart (and since it was a little easier to use for a rookie like me), I started blogging on Typepad in March of 2005.

Is this your first meme?

It is not, by a long shot.  Originally, many of my entries would be a quizzy or a meme because I don’t think I felt I had enough to say (I was wrong).  As much of a delightful waste of time as they are, memes and quizzes do seem to do *something*– if anything, they while away the hours in a fun way.  But the better ones definitely help you understand yourself better– especially if you’re willing to understand yourself better.  That’s a lot of "better".

What are your feelings on the "blog popularity" issue?

I’ll start to answer a question with a question: which blog do most every bloggers of my ilk tend to list on their blogrolls more than any other?  Right.  Everyone wants to be a famous a blogger just like her, I think, whether they like that particular blogger or not.  Of course, with the blogosphere expanding at the rate that souls are sucked into hell, it becomes harder and harder to make a name for yourself unless you work exceedingly hard at it, come up with something gimmicky, or you’re already friends with the kids at the cool table.  Make no mistake:  life, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, tends to play like a high school if you let it;  that is to say, we will all revert to our angst-ridden immature selves when our self-image is on the line.
While I would like to have a higher authority number on Technorati and while I would love people to comment more often and become regular readers and all those other things that pretty much every single blogger wishes for him or herself, I would like to first and foremost write good blog entries that draw traffic by virtue of being good, you know?

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Um.  Eating at restaurants, actually.  I remember going to fun places and to homey places, but I remember the joy of being served food– especially hamburgers.  It’s a wonder I don’t weigh 400 lbs, honestly.

Do your moral values affect the way that you blog, and if yes, how?

I think I try to be very aware of my audience and try to edit those things that I think would offend the largest amount of people out of my blog, honestly;  maybe it’s simplistic, but it’s kind of a Golden-Rule based morality, or perhaps –and befitting the theme of this blog– it is a karmically-aware type of blogging.  I try to make people laugh and think here and sometimes neither can be accomplished without ruffling a few feathers, but I try to draw the line at outright insults (so if I’ve ever insulted you, please drop me an email so we can talk about it.  I really don’t want the bad karma of my actions going around and polluting the air).  Also, I think that while it’s true that no one cares what you had for lunch, you *can* share what you had for lunch on an entry as long as you  make it interesting.  Really, you can write about anything if you make it interesting in the first place.  However, I think the rule that truly applies to the world of blogging is that you can’t insult people all the time and belittle them, because after a while you will run out of readers.  Variety is the spice of life.
Um.  What was the question again?


Alrighty!  Meme done!  I am tagging a few folks who I hope will do it, because there is nothing more interwebbily embarrassing than to be super-hopeful when one tags a set of people for a meme only to sit back and wait… and wait, and wait and wait and see that no one cares to comply with your request. 

Okay…. now that I’ve shared my nerdy-girl lament, I’m tagging the following people, who should go over to the rules page in order to complete the meme (I’m tagging SIX people because that’s how I roll).  If I didn’t tag you but you wanted to be tagged, please do it and accept my apology :o)

Gunfighter over at The View From Here
Belle over at Devilish Southern Belle
Valiens at A Brain Like Mine
E:) and her Talking Budgie
Juliet, from Girl With Flat Hat
and Glacia at Norge Thingy   

Have fun, people!

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3 thoughts on “Monday Meme and Miscellany

  1. Man! I would have responded so much sooner but baby’s all feverish. Consider this blogged! I like the variety of questions she makes available…

  2. Thanks, M!
    I’ll do this tonight, and post it in the morning.

  3. Vixen on said:

    I’m a regular reader of yours!!
    I tend to do memes when they
    1) catch my interest AND
    2) I’ve got nothing else to post and I want to let people know I’m still out there…somewhere πŸ˜›
    I admit I don’t like being tagged because I am not always interested in the same meme or I feel it’s too personal for what I post. I will, however, copy shamelessly if I like the meme. πŸ™‚

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