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Sounds Like “Lobbyist”

Sometimes when I start writing my next blog entry, I come with a cadre of pre-thought themes that promptly gets tossed out the proverbial window when my own little blogging one stares back at me, blank and expectant and innocently judgmental.

It’s hard to be judgmental when it’s so beautiful outside.  So I caved in and checked out the carnival over at the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas for inspiration.  This week’s carnival (or rather, last week’s… yikes…. I’m very late to the party) is on hobbies, so here we go.

This morning I was talking to my friend, Chi-Town mom, and we were discussing hobbies.

She confessed to her deep abiding love of working out and I (redundantly, since she’s read my blog and I am waving to her if she’s reading this) admitted my love of writing.  We both coincided on cooking and she said she’d like to take up painting.  I think I mentioned my various crafts of varying states of completion, but maybe I only did so in my mind.

Because you see,  the longer we kept on talking, the more we realized that in spite of the lofty nature of our aforementioneds, our favorite pastime was more along the lines of keeping track of just how long Britney’s hair is these days and why doesn’t she just rock the bald head à la Natalie Portman anyway because it’s not like she’s fooling us with those nasty cheap wigs attached to the dopey hats anyway.  Or perhaps –and this was brought up a few days earlier with my darling Monsieur Meow, no less– talking about whether or not Tom Cruise really deserves his newly-earned reputation as village psycho and all that jazz, especially considering that he’s been the voice (and the cash cow) for Scientology for many years.

Suddenly I have come to realize that the easiest and most delicious hobby is to keep up with the lives of people I don’t even know and most likely will never meet, which in a strange way is a lot like blogging itself.  For, what are blogs if not little custom-tailored windows into another’s reality?

Suddenly I get a very surrealist tingle to have cards printed up that say,

"Madame Meow– Stay-at-home mother and observer of others’ realities.  All you say can and will be used against you (changed ever so slightly to protect identity) for blogging purposes."

Maybe I’ll get some Moo cards printed up. 

After all, one of my other hobbies is photography.

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