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Randomata– Friday Wind Smackdown

Wind, wind, wind.  How is it possible for this much wind to be kicked up anyway?  We’ve had gusts of 50 mph through the night and it’s very scary to hear everything thumping.  I seem to be alone in my nervousness– everyone seems to just be like, "yeah, there is wind."  Isn’t anyone missing the past two days’ worth of 50-plus degree weather?  Am I whining too much about the weather?

Laundry list:

1. Ew.  I just saw Harry Potter’s penis.  I feel dirty.

2. Are you a procrastinator?  Take this quiz and be surprised: there are some really despicable folks out there.

3. We made REAL macaroni and cheez last night.  It was so awesome, people, that I was moved to near tears.  Even Herr Meow, who’s shunned pasta with a "too icky" face before, couldn’t help himself.

4.  Herr Meow now loves "reading" books: it is the cutest thing ever to see him take a book between his chubby little hands and "eeehoooohbaaborrrooowwww" his way with special intonations and emphases.  I could eat him up– preferably with macaroni and cheez.

5. I can’t believe I haven’t wished this to you all sooner but HAPPY NEW YEAR OF THE PIG!!!!!!!!  Gung hei fat choy, y’all!!!  Wishing you nothing but plum blossom luck and many cherry blossoms in your future!

6. Incidentally, why do people insist that Rosie O’Donnell’s stupid ass lame blog is in "haiku" form?  Last I checked, she doesn’t contain her caps-and-grammar-free vitriol to seventeen syllables.  I am so aggravated that people listen to her and actually lent some validity to her stupid fight with Trump.  I am aggravated about all of this media stuff, period: all the being held captive by these moronic, sad stories and the characters who bring them upon themselves.  Why is Britney hitting the paps with an umbrella?  She should be HIDING instead– take a load off and leave us alone. 

7. And Lindsay Lohan is looking about 40 and out of rehab.  She looks like Donatella Versace.  That is not a compliment.

8. American Idol last night: I can’t believe Antonella "toilet trained" Barba didn’t get the boot because OMG did she ever SUCK.  Forgettable girl who looks like she had a nose job and soul-less white chick deserved to go; barefoot guy sucked really badly; but I am not totally convinced that the poor Venezuelan guy who sounded like he was singing for a car commercial should have gone.  I was actually kinda bummed about that, but also glad that he –unlike the other three saps who sounded like crap on their send-offs– actually took a chance and sang his heart out.  Bravo: I’m always a sucker for good sportsmanship.

9. Ew!  Salmonella in the peanut butter!  ConAgra is evil.

10.  Baby’s up!  I highly recommend babies in the morning: they are very, very cute.

More later, as usual ;o)  Have a good Friday!

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One thought on “Randomata– Friday Wind Smackdown

  1. I am so glad I wasn’t the only one disturbed by seeing Daniel Radcliffe’s willie. Isn’t he only 17? Could you imagine what would happen if a 17 year old girl posed naked with a horse? I have a feeling it wouldn’t be considered “art”, ya know.
    P.S. Hi, my name is Michelle. Nice to meet you!

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