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Reminiscing About Stuff (And TMI)

Almost the end of February, and there is a little bit of a tingle in the air. 
Yesterday’s snow was absolutely beautiful and it has melted very quickly; it has been a good houseguest of sorts.  It is nothing like that long, plodding snow of last week that froze into a thick icy mess and made the simple act of walking a treacherous and awkward endeavor.

I’m in a contemplative mood today.  It’s been a year since we’ve been gone from Hawaii, and two years since I’ve had… er… uh…. oh, I’ll come right out with it: it’s been two years since I’ve had my euphemism.

Oh, you know.  The monthly bill?  Aunt Flo hasn’t come into town?  I haven’t surfed the red wave?  I haven’t been back in the saddle or had any ketchup with my steak?  I haven’t partied like Carrie?  Haven’t come down with my Code Red?  I haven’t had DefConRed?  I haven’t bought vampires or answered the call of the Red General at the door? 


And I don’t miss it.  Not even a little bit. 
Or… maybe just a little bit.


There is something very "limbo" about these two little milestones in my mind.
For one, I never really thought I would feel so uncomfortable in Hawaii as I did, which is kind of a pity.  But now that we’ve been gone, it’s been nice to think of some of the things we used to love to do and (especially) eat in Honolulu.  The way the breeze would hit you this time of year, very sweetly and fragrantly, was always especially nice– but two weeks later it would start to swelter.  The Trade Winds were particularly lovely– not so with the dreaded Kona winds.

And of course, little Herr Meow wouldn’t be who he is today if he hadn’t decided to pop up and say hello while we were living in the islands and that makes that place that much more special.

Overall, from this distance and from the confines of my wool sweater, I can be happy I was there and I can revel in my memories while I create new ones in this new snowy realm.


As for the "monthly miracle"… all I can say is this:
1. Thank goodness for breastfeeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Thank goodness for the mini pill
3. Woo-hoo!!!

(And… 4. Has it really been two whole years since I was pregnant?  Holy crap.  Time sure flies when you’re sleep-deprived.)

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2 thoughts on “Reminiscing About Stuff (And TMI)

  1. The red badge of courage?

  2. You are such a lucky duck. My cousin didn’t have hers forever either, but I could forgive her ’cause she gains 70 lbs. with each pregnancy. If I so much as pass the aisle containing baby food mine comes back. I mean it. And I’ve nursed each of mine for three years. But no! Only four or five months of honeymoon for me. Luckily babies are little living dreams of cuteness and light.
    I know what you mean about Hawaii, in a way, because of SW Florida. Things start to warm up, the snowbirds leave, the wildlife rejoices, the orchids bloom, the ocean warms up, it rains at last, but then there are hurricanes…
    One day we’ll leave, and I’ll be sitting in a sweater with snow outside and think thoughts like yours. Miss it. Don’t miss it. Like I think about NYC now.

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