A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!


Giddy feels good and right.

Giddy is a great state of being. Giddy should be mandatory.

Giddy has joyfully assaulted me today and I just have to share. I shall make a list and then re-read this list lovingly, for giddy is good.

1. I have antibiotics and horse-pill-sized pain killers! Yay!

2. I drove across the Wilson Bridge, and it’s looking pretty! Yay!

3. I got a little part for the car’s gas tank, and it was cheap, and the parts guy was nice! Yay!

4. I had a milkshake! Yay! (…who says antibiotics have to be boring?)

5. I bought the CUTEST little black bag from Hobo–who happen to make kickass bags! Yay!


7. ….and my mommy found me one over the inty-net, just in case! Curious? Clicketh here!

8. I’m going to be making THIS! YAY!

9. I recently bought the baby a book of first words in Spanish and which features a pair of cute and inquisitive rabbits learning to say the words along with baby. So I was teasingly telling the Monsieur –who was showing the illustration for “shoes” to Herr Meowie– that I’d quiz him sometime. That’s when he deadpanned, “Well, now I know how you say bunny in Spanish: Zapatos.” (I’m thinking you just had to be there. No, Monsieur Meow is not “special” that way.)

10. I’m suddenly in raptures over two words that have popped into my head: “vallenato” and “iTunes.” Hide the credit cards.

Yea, giddy is good, and so saith the Madame. Sending giddy vibes far and wide– to our fair sister to the North, down to the tropical lands beyond, to the old continent, and some with just a little extra juice to make it halfway around the world ;o)

Glory be to Gid.

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3 thoughts on “ThanksGiddy

  1. Woo-hoo, thanks for the giddy boost! 🙂

  2. Dude, send me some of your painkillers. This giddiness is appealing to me!

  3. Aww you’re welcome Jenny! And I would send you some happy pills, but I’m not sure that customs would be happy with that :oS How’s the ankle?

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