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This Is (Sic)

After spraining my ankle and getting The Cold From Hell, I honestly did not expect that MASTITIS would be down the pike for me as well, but here we are.

Yes. Mastitis— which is pretty much over, thank you for asking. As in, I AM talking about my boobs. Because my boobs still produce milk, which my infant son still drinks. If this is something you somehow find repellent or disgusting in any way, I have a few things to say:

1. Get over yourself– life is not just about you and your juvenile squeamishness.
2. If you can’t get over yourself, then you have issues. Go get therapy.
3. If you tried to breastfeed and couldn’t, I’m truly sorry AND I AM NOT TALKING TO YOU.
4. Breastmilk does not boost IQ: parents who breastfeed are just smarter.

Now stick that in your pipe and smoke it, bitches.


Anyhoo, other than my main pet peeve about those selfish horrible people who think that breastfeeding is disgusting and wrong and who condemn us breastfeeding moms and lump us together labeling us Nazis as a whole (are there some breastfeeders who have incinerated formula feeders or something?), my other big peeve is a poor use of the apostrophe.

I cringe but generally don’t much care if I see it on a handwritten sign announcing “pumkin’s”, “tomatoe’s”, “CD’s” or “chocolate’s”. I assume they just picked the one person who slept through English grammar to write the unfortunate sign, and there was no proofreader on duty.

But when I see the same vile treatment of the English language on a NATIONAL PARKS SERVICE WEBSITE– a site that represents the United States government and whose maintenance can probably afford a full-time proofreader– it makes me want to hurt and maim.

Take a look:

Maybe by the time you read this entry, the Rock Creek Park site will be changed, but I just had to share it in its unadulterated state.

It’s just painful that our tax dollars are being spent on that kind of pathetic, butchered-language crap.

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5 thoughts on “This Is (Sic)

  1. I hope your boobies get better!

  2. SarsiMom on said:

    Oh dear! Mastitis. Been there done that and it sucks a big fat one.
    Go boobies go!

  3. I totally feel you with the apostrophes. Not with the mastitis so much, but someday I probably will.

  4. *pouts* So because I tried but couldn’t breastfeed my daughter you won’t talk to me? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
    I agree with you about the apostrophes. I cringe any time I see bad spelling and grammar so you know why I never go into chat rooms. *shudders* I don’t mind abbreviations but leet speak drives me nuts.
    I find it annoying and amusing that the only way to contact that organization is either by a phone call or through writing. Maybe they don’t want emails with bad spelling or punctuation.

  5. Thanks everyone and Lol @ Vix.
    The girls are fully recovered now. :o)

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