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Upwardly Mobile, Fuse Reducing

Okay….. this whole mobility thing is really quite wonderful, but I am sooooo tired. The Meow is up at all times, wanting to climb flights of stairs, open cabinets, chewing corners of the furniture and generally being a baby whirling, howling dervish. He’s even waking up in the middle of the night lately, presumably because he misses us and is starting to develop stranger anxiety. I personally think that it’s because he wants to get us good and tired so he can make his great escape and explore the city on his own, or something.

He’s just not fully done it because I haven’t bought him knee pads.


There he is again, trying to spelunk his way to my purse. Plop goes the bag. Up goes the mother. “Wah-goo” goes the baby. Off to other pastures: he shall climb the stairs again.

Screw a pressure gate: I need to find myself a ball and chain, baby sized.

Up goes the mother. Off goes the baby. Satan-howl (“waaggggggggg-rawwwgh!”). Plop goes baby’s bottom, away from the stairs. “Eh-tay-wah-tay.” Not sure what that means, but it’s very articulate. You can definitely make out Eh-tay-wah-tay. It is a word. It is a reflective word, perhaps; an cheery and polite, “ah, the floor.” Or a “I do not like to be taken away from the stairs, mother.”

Frustrated sobbing.

More Satan-howling.

Thoughtful raspberrying.


Silence. Mother sighs contentedly for a few minutes until she realizes that silence=trouble.

Baby resumes bird-like noises, followed by a whimper. Perhaps it’s time to change the scenery. Or perhaps it was time to challenge Chococat to a wrestling match. Oh boy.

As I sit here, listening and responding to this chaos in a sleepy way, I wonder about things.

But more than wondering about things, I’m just honestly wondering when I can get a nap.

Oh, and wondering about whether the Giants will win today; we went to yesterday’s game and it was super fun, even though the Giants lost.

Oh. And that’s it: I’m adopting me a celeb.

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